Let's have an open discussion question/topic, as @machado suggested. How about:

What is something you've learned in the last 3 months? A fact, an insight, a technique - it can be something small.

As for things I've learned in the past few months, here's a thread with some things that came to mind.

Emus like sprinklers! There is webcam evidence. 😆


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Lapis Lazuli is used by some modern porcelain artists to create a bright blue colour. It is a gemstone, not a heavy metal like cobalt which is more commonly used to make blue ceramics and kitchen items. I knew it was possible to use lapis lazuli to make things blue, but I hadn't realized people were still doing it.

Lapis Lazuli is mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh.


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White pepper and Chinese black vinegar (also known as chinkiang or zhenjiang vinegar) are two key ingredients that contribute to the distinctive flavour of hot and sour soup.


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Hospitals don't allow visitors during a pandemic, not even close family members. When a patient is feeling well enough to text and has a way to charge their phone, they can convey some minimal information.

If someone you care about is in the hospital, there can be long stretches of time lasting days with no information about how they are doing.


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@strangeattractor This has a horrible impact on older people. Spending all day with limited social and mental stimuli, sometimes without even seeing human faces (because masks). They decay a lot faster.



Yes. Everyone involved encounters difficult situation after difficult situation, and the cumulative effects can be more than the sum of each individual thing.

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