Time for another discussion topic?

I'm not sure what I want to talk about.

Maybe things that don't make February seem even more tedious? Those seem harder to find than things that make February seem tedious.

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There's a new Mars rover, so that's a good distraction from February.

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I was also contemplating what the process might be, and how difficult it might be, to replace an albino groundhog, when Wiarton Wille was mysteriously missing from photographs on Groundhog Day.

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Groundhog Day is such a sham, since "an early spring" and "6 more weeks of winter" are exactly the same prediction where I live in Ontario. Spring doesn't come that early. It's longer than 6 weeks every year.

Still, it's kind of nice to celebrate one of the in-between-solstice-and-equinox quarter days.

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@strangeattractor Space exploration is a double edge sword of excitement. On one side, it is a legitimately fascinating thing, for a multitude of reasons. On the other, space exploration is intrinsically tied to the promise of dystopia, be it cold war nuclear armageddon or Lord Musk's slave empire of Mars.


It does seem that space exploration arises out of some of humanity's worst impulses as well as its best.

What's another topic that you like to think about in February that doesn't have such connotations?

The ongoing lockdown is not showing itself very conducive to happy or sane thoughts. The best I can give you is one of the recurring invasive thoughts that haunt me lately: What can we do to make face masks in public normal forever? Or even level it up into full on dystopian hazmat punk?

@strangeattractor On a more general sense, I've been thinking a lot about social norms that changed in my lifetime. How a norm fading away affects both the people who support it and those who oppose it, and the way they relate to people who never lived with it.

People focus a lot on how old timers don't get new generations, but the young have just as little understanding of their predecessors.

@strangeattractor I can't wait to get the full Mars experience. Sit on a rock and think "I'm done with humanity" while naked and blue

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