is the easter bunny Jesus' fursona? today we investigate


I liked the Ubuntu Mate 16.04 wallpaper that looked similar to northern lights without the logo too.

Does Playing Music for Cheese During the Aging Process Change Its Flavor?

Researchers Find That Hip Hop Makes It Smellier, and Zeppelin’s "Stairway to Heaven" Makes It Milder

me, asking my sister if she wants to keep working on our shared Stardew Valley farm:

"you wanna... do the Dew?"

Chinese tech workers have taken to GitHub to share poor working conditions and demand better ones. The world's largest open-source programming platform is the best alternative for people to gather without Twitter or Facebook.

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Using poppadoms to determine the shape of the microwave’s standing wave 😊 #physics #inTheKitchen #science

2,191,213 accounts
+57 in the last hour
+1,771 in the last day
+13,680 in the last week

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I cooked #vegan #haggis from scratch tonight for the first time.. prettt tasty though I think I can refine the recipe for next time.

I went somewhat non-traditional with the sides, aubergine crisps and smashed butternut squash

Recipe from here:

In close-up the flowers of the Kojo no mai are really lovely, very delicate.


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