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Sometimes low-tech is a cooler solution than high-tech.

This sensor device detects if your package was handled roughly during transport: no electronics, just clever engineering.

Copyright terms that enrich a tiny number of great-grandchildren at the expense of cultural preservation are a bad deal.

VM Brasseur: Freedom isn't Free

Deb: What do you wish people knew about free software?

VMB: As with any other freedom, this kind does not come for free. I'm not talking about paying maintainers, though that seems to be what everyone else is fixated on of late. Freedoms are not won through money. Freedoms are won through the time of every free software developer. Unlike money, when time is spent it's gone forever; there's no chance to earn more later.


I'll probably never stop having some variant of this running through my head. Is it a confidence thing? Self-revulsion? #MastoArt #AutoBio

R.I.P John "Jack" Bogle

This man pioneered passively managed, low cost index funds and created the first investment company, Vanguard, that is run as a cooperative. Meaning that it is owned by the investors. No man has done more to make investing accessible and lucrative for average American.

*explaining to a civil engineer how cowboy stuff works*
and that serves as a high traffic thoroughfare leading to a public cow plaza

What would you like to see in our solarpunk future?

It's so easy to talk about what you don't want in the future, but harder to pin down what you do want. So my idea is simply to capture and share your ideas the kind of things you want to see in a solarpunk future.

You can read my post, which describes this in a bit more detail:

Then feel free to start submitting your ideas, which I'll collate them and create a new post to inspire and share.

#Solarpunk #SolarpunkFuture #ClimateChange

“Emerging evidence suggests that the brain encodes abstract knowledge in the same way that it represents positions in space, which hints at a more universal theory of cognition.”

Thought this was pretty cool @tasshin

You can make any regular history sound sexy these days by calling it ‘secret history’. Simply because normies don’t read anything more complex than blog posts written at Medium level now. If it is known in a more complex form, it’s effectively a secret.

We were definitely under the impression that life was a "respectable effort in --> predictable acceptable outcome out" kinda situation. Weirdly it was the 2012 student strikes and the police beating the shit out of everyone and arresting them by the busloads that started to cure me of that illusion.

@strangeattractor The word "provincial" often carries connotations of this: the small-town mindset which cannot accept any other mindset. It does show up in other contexts, however, for which this doesn't fit as well.

RAW calls it a in Prometheus Rising, but that never entered general parlance. It also refers more to the totalizing nature of a worldview, rather than the failures caused by that nature.

No generic term for it that I can think of, sorry.

when I'm reading her bedtime stories, my daughter is no longer satisfied with merely hearing the text as written. She now points at every background character in every illustration and asks "What she say? what SHE say?" We end up making up a whole secondary plot together, like the Extended Director's Cut version of the book.

As a strategy of dragging out bedtime it's extremely effective.

Spent all morning wresting with timezones, but if I'd really learned my lesson I would've said I spent all afternoon (UTC) wrestling with timezones

The recent worldwide love affair with Bollywood is bearing strange and wonderful fruit.

Daihachi Oguchi studied jazz in America and, in the 1950s, returned to Japan and combined it with the ceremonial Shinto music of his hometown Suwa Shrine.

Before that, taiko drumming was a very slow-paced, tradition-oriented religious music. Oguchi-sensei literally "jazzed it up". 😄

Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi (honoring Hiryu, the Dragon God of Suwa Shrine) is historically important as one of the earliest pieces in this new genre. 🐉 ⛩️

History and videos here:

@strangeattractor I wrote but didn’t publish a think about it. It’s basically culture shock but down a power gradient, like a white tourist in Asia. Something like an illegibility effect kicks in. You don’t understand what you see (the culture shock part) but because you assume superiority, you have high-modernist contempt for it/false confidence in your judgments rooted in ignorance.

@strangeattractor narcissistic? The belief that everything in the world can be categorized within the narcissists model (which is deemed to be perfect and whole). Dunning kruger would be the specific narcissism towards a domain, say “intellect” or “ping pong”

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