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From Jay Rubin's "Making Sense of Japanese" 

Jay Rubin is most well-known for his English translations of works of Murakami Haruki. He has written a small but very interesting book on some points of Japanese grammar. This is a particularly nice example of the difficulties of translating. What he calls the "zero pronoun" is an implied pronoun, not explicitly written but nevertheless present.

<<Probably the most widely known passivized translation from Japanese is one that has been made from the inscription engraved on the monument in Hiroshima to those who were killed by the atomic bomb. The original inscription, which contains what may be the most broadly inclusive zero pronoun, is a sobering one, with far greater impact in the Japanese original than in its weakened English translation:


Yasuraka ni nemutte kudasai
Ayamachi wa
kurikaeshimasenu kara

This has been rendered, "Rest in peace, for the mistake will not be repeated," which is far less problematical than the original. "Who will not repeat the mistake?" people wanted to know when the monument was unveiled. "And who made the mistake in the first place — the Americans when they dropped the bomb, or the Japanese when they started the war?" The transitive Japanese verb in the active voice calls for a subject — a responsible actor. The passivized translation makes far less stringent demands. With its unnamed subject, the Japanese sentence seems discreetly to avoid placing the blame on anyone, but it is far more thought-provoking than the English translation would suggest, for the inescapable conclusion to the unavoidable search for a subject is "we.">>

I love how he has managed to create suspense in what is essentially a grammar lesson. It is only the very last word of the final sentence that drives the point home.

In 築 "fabricate", the component 筑 (chiku) refers to an ancient Chinese musical instrument from the Sung dynasty, called "zhu", similar to a sou no koto 箏 or kin 琴.
Apart from the bamboo radical (竹), it consists of the stringed instrument itself (工) and a hand holding a plectrum/stick (凡). The bamboo refers to the fact that the strings where played by striking them with a bamboo stick.
#kanji practice

some Japanese mastodon slang (1/2):

paoru パオる (from pao, 'toot'): to use masto (wider in usage than 'to toot')

paopao-sio: let's masto

paorā 'paorer': mastodonter, masto user

-pau: present progressive aspect; elephant version of Twitter -nau (<'now')

zōge 'tusk': lol (laugh = warai = w = looks like a bit of grass = kusa 'grass' (normal Internet slang) → looks like elephant tusks (Masto parody))

kiba-haeru 'to sprout tusks': similar play on kusa-haeru 'to sprout grass' (= wwww = laughs)

some Japanese mastodon slang (2/2):

JOJ: LOL but looks like elephant trunk
tori 'bird': Twitter user
tori-kusai 'reeking of bird': behaves like a bird
tori-kizoku 'Lord Bird': behaves like a bird, i.e. like they own the place
zōgo 'elephant language': what I’m listing here (rather than zokugo, 'slang')

#Japanese #mastodon

(source: 『マストドンつまみ食い日記』)

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#Castle gardens #Arcen is one of the most versatile flower and plants parks in #Europe. The park has more than 15 unique gardens. With 10 themed rose chambers and more than 8,000 rose bushes, the baroque Rosarium is the showpiece of the park. The subtropical greenhouse Casa Verde has fig trees, palm #trees and cactuses, among others. Lingering through the bamboo woods and the Oriental Water garden you imagine yourself being in South-East Asia. Additionally, there are smaller themed gardens, such as the Italian garden, the Japanese garden or the Kitchen & Vegetable garden. In the shade of the castle, the Rhododendron garden can be found, with a beautiful collection of Rhododendrons. As he constructed the park, landscape architect Niek Roozen took account of the different seasons.
This place is so beautiful!
#Nature #summer #art #plants #florespondence

if people were going to make a fancy video what video editing software would you recommend? I want to be able to change the speed of bits of film, add and edit multiple shots, and of course add extra sounds.

I figured out a cool lego trick! Maybe this is already known but I haven't seen it before.

In the first image, the bricks are 3 bumps apart in one direction and 4 bumps apart in the other.

3 squared plus 4 squared equals 5 squared, therefore the bricks are exactly 5 bumps apart along the diagonal. Thanks Pythagoras.

This lets us attach the a plate diagonally on top like the green one below. It's at a 60 degree angle to the blue plate, with a very solid 4-point connection.

current acid jazz levels are 89%

(89%) ■■■■■■■■□□

... i started having thoughts a while back, in a particularly annoyed moment, about the proprietary nature of so much of the audio/music industry. As an audio engineer, this is a particularly true sentiment, as so *incredibly* much of the gear my fellow engineers and i use is entirely proprietary -- both in the software and hardware departments. From how our soundboards are not-entirely-but-close-enough-to black boxes, to how the new digital age has brought so many new proprietary "standards" -- Dante, AES50, etc. There are actually open/non-proprietary standards out there for audio and video transmission over networks, and for sound control. There is no seriously good reason why we should throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at single pieces of equipment.

With this in mind, i started a new project: OpenSourceStudio. The goal of the project is to create open hardware versions of the tools we use on a daily basis in our work, and to allow for a far more modular studio. So far, i have a... start, in the form of a wiki. While this project is still early stages, i believe it has great potential to make our lives better and our work easier.

The wiki: (Registration is closed, and edit access can be requested through the Matrix community.)
Matrix community:

i look forward to working with those of you who see potential in this project! And please, spread the word! Thank you!

#AudioEngineering #OpenSourceStudio #OSStudio

I also want to hear ideas about the future of this mastodon instance in general, so please let me know your thoughts.

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Would you be willing to contribute to financially support this mastodon instance, if it meant that there would be managed hosting?

This probably depends on the amount, but if you'd be willing to contribute something, even if it's not a lot, then please reply yes in the comments, so I have some idea of interest.

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It seems like I'm not the only one who cares about the future of this server, though.

Thanks for everyone who has been in touch with me, and offered comments and suggestions.

If there is enough interest, and willingness to financially support the server, then maybe we could get a managed hosting situation.

Or maybe there's a cheaper managed hosting plan somewhere that I've overlooked.

Or maybe someone would be willing to do some server admin and maintenance.

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If I'm going by what I can do by myself, then what I think I can manage is to move to one of the USD $10 per month unmanaged hosting options, and do the server maintenance myself.

This will likely result in more downtime than a managed hosting situation. I won't always be immediately able to respond to things, given limited time and energy, and I don't have the depth of experience of someone who does this every day for a living.

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When I looked up prices for hosting, it seemed like the going rate for a server with these stats is about:

USD $50 per month or more for managed hosting

The current hosting is USD $20 per month for unmanaged hosting.

There are some unmanaged hosting plans for about USD $10 per month from some less well-known companies.

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There might be some advantages to hosting this instance on a managed server. Less downtime, for example.

However, that is more expensive. I looked into it a bit already.

This instance is currently hosted on an unmanaged plan with the following stats:

2 CPUs
80 GB disk space

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Now that the server's up and running again, I am thinking a bit more about the future of this Mastodon instance.

I like this instance enough, and like all of you enough, that I don't want it to go away.

The plan at the moment is something like:
1) familiarize myself more with running the server
2) finish the handoff with Zach and Venkat
3) move it to a cheaper server hosting option

Thank you to everyone for pointing out problems, and for the encouragement. I appreciate both.

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This particular problem (redis being too low a version) is unlikely to occur again.

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