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I'm reading a novel from 1999, when CRT screens needed screensavers to avoid burn-in.

"The thought's occurrence had nothing to do with logic; it appeared like a screensaver on the surface of her mind, whenever her mind went blank."

It's a new day, and seeds have been changed! Todays lucky animals are: Rhinoceros Jaguar Jay Bat Sardine

This whole Mastodon business is still escaping the attention despite Parler being cancelled.

As always, new and different game ideas percolate through my brain. @kensanata post about wikis pulled some thoughts about similarities between MUDs and wikis. And how most objects in a mud could be considered as “pages” in a wiki. And the links between pages can represent physical connections between objects in a MUD. I’m sure this is not a new or unique insight, pretty sure I’ve even read about it myself before.

Centuries ago, a now-lost library brought Arabic numerals to the world: "How modern mathematics emerged from a lost Islamic library" See also @richove
(Plus- John Pell and the obelus)

Count your blessings:

Solstice is upon us. A good time to share what we've learned this year. So, what have y'all learned?

I've learned that explanations should be earned, not given freely. And sometimes the best way to deal with awkward silence is to let it roll over into comfortable silence.

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Elite Dangerous is the most realistic sandbox game ever. There is a grand narrative, with politics and aliens and whatnot, but you are just a nobody doing the same repetitive activities as everybody else. The grand narrative may affect you at times, but you rarely affect it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find meaning in the void.

Discord is somewhere in the triangle between Twitter, Slack, and Mastodon.

I'm interested to randomly join live video calls of salons.

Most of those I see are in the wrong time zones.

Do you know of a Chat Roulette for salons?

The C Standard Does Not Protect You

"...the behavior of C’s governing body is very clear. We will not introduce warnings into your old code, even if that old code could be doing something dangerous. We will not steer you away from mistakes, because that could shake the veneer that what your old code does is, in fact, wrong. We will not make it easier for new programmers to write better C code."

@strangeattractor 1. I like that I'm adjacent to undeveloped land. 2. I would/will repair/replace all the stuff the previous owner neglected. 3. I would include a soundproof office.

1- I lived in several places this year, and I'm moving again tomorrow. The best part of any of them was size (except for cleaning).

2- Full rebuilds. They all have serious structural issues.

3- Avoid yards. Too much maintenance. Avoid ground floor windows. Include decent drainage, sound proofing, and design everything for my height instead of my hobbit sized relatives.

How about a new discussion topic?

I think most people have been spending more time at home lately, and so have had more time to notice design issues.

1) What is something you like about the place where you live?

2) What is something you've noticed about the built environment of your home that you would change, given the resources and opportunity to do so?

3) If you were building a house from scratch, what is something you would include? Something you would avoid?

J'adore! 😆

Virtual meetings are basically modern seances.

"Elizabeth are you here?"
"Make a sound if you can hear us."
"Is anyone else with you?"
"We can't see you. Can you hear us?"

#humour #meeting #seance

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