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i was formerly known as @mwfogleman

i took bodhisattva vows earlier this year and received the name Tasshin 達真

i am training at the Monastic Academy's new location in (

i also work with Tiago Forte at Forte Labs

FYI for those reading @vgr ‘s latest AMA and are curious about a curated newsletter list these are my progressively highlighted notes on them. Starred the ones I particularly liked. (Brain-bicycle was also one of my favorites)

Who are the most interesting people you've met on Mastodon?

@vgr not 100% sure if this meets your criteria for what you need / want in a summary, let me know if you have any feedback :)

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Nobody Knows How to Learn a Language: the first in a forthcoming series of posts about a new theory of language learning. Achieving fluency is rare, existing language learning models are poor, so methods are incomplete or bad.

The Burja Mapping series has five posts now, which form a fairly complete introduction to the field of Empire Theory and Power Mapping. Now's a good time to catch up if you have fallen behind.

is there a way to have urls in emacs open in specific chrome profiles?

@tasshin would love your comments on my latest post. It’s about my switch to eyes open during meditation practice. Have you any preference between the two?

I'm working on a follow up series to my Burja Mapping post. Let me know if you are interested in seeing my drafts...

Also, please keep your slug lines for links you share with relatively short (~10 words maybe). Otherwise I just have to trim it or rewrite it myself.

It's actually quite a nice summarization challenge. Shoot for the saved-you-a-click type of slug line. Limit your valuative remarks to 1-2 adjectives. Avoid big block quotes.

Prompt: it'd be nice to have more fodder for the short-takes section of roundups.

If a toot seems particularly good in hindsight, try using the delete-and-redraft to add the hashtag

Sorry for missed feedfox updates in last few weeks. Still trying to find the right rhythm for curation. Keep the links coming.

In my new blog post, I review the work of sociologist and analyst Samo Burja, and combine it with the work of Simon Wardley's Wardley Maps to make... Burja Mapping. Enjoy "Towards Burja Mapping":

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