Tasshin Fogleman

i was formerly known as @mwfogleman

i took bodhisattva vows earlier this year and received the name Tasshin 達真

i am training at the Monastic Academy's new location in (monasticacademy.com)

i also work with Tiago Forte at Forte Labs

@tasshin are you you gonna learn martial arts and stuff too?

@vgr i am pretty interested in the internal martial arts, and have an on again off again practice of doing standing postures


@tasshin ah pffft

bulletproof monk or no cigar...I mean incense 😎

@tasshin @mwfogleman Hello and welcome! I think I originally encountered Ribbonfarm because Tiago mentioned it on Buddhist Geeks (if I'm not mistaken). Monastic Academy looks really interesting, what was that experience like? How long were you there?

@bkam Hi Bryan! Thanks for the warm welcome. I think you are right about that mention on BG. I have to dive more into the Ribbonfarm corpus but enjoy what I've read.

I was at the Monastic Academy for ~2.5 years, left for ~1 year, and came back recently to start the new location in the . It's been a wonderful place for me to deepen my practice and my commitment to service.

Where are you located?

@tasshin I'm in London! But originally from Southern California. I did a vipassana retreat in 29 Palms, CA in January.

I became pretty interested in concentration and insight meditation in the past few years, mostly Theravada but a bit of Tibetan as well. I had a lot of success with reduction of suffering though obviously some times are better than others, and my practice is not what it was at the start of this year.

It's great that you're setting up another one, looks very promising!

@bkam Awesome! Well, if you're ever in the , say hi and I'll do the same if I'm in London!

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