@ye @coyotespike @dschorno full disclosure, i have worked with Tiago in the past and still do from time to time (including blogging for Praxis)

@ye @coyotespike more or less, but if you take that approach it's a DIY approach, you'll have to implement it yourself, whereas the course holds your hand and takes you step by step with exercises

@dschorno well, since you asked, yes, i do, and it literally paid for itself for me in job offers + business i wouldn't otherwise have had. can't guarantee you'll have the same experience but i highly recommend the course

@ye @coyotespike There are cheaper ways to learn BASB, e.g. subscribe to Praxis $10/month

@aRandomCat I was on silent meditation retreat when you sent this out, but I'm interested in collaborating, perhaps not in the form that you proposed... can you send me a DM?

FYI for those reading @vgr ‘s latest AMA and are curious about a curated newsletter list these are my progressively highlighted notes on them. Starred the ones I particularly liked. (Brain-bicycle was also one of my favorites)


Who are the most interesting people you've met on Mastodon?

@vgr Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback! I'll do that next time.

@vgr not 100% sure if this meets your criteria for what you need / want in a summary, let me know if you have any feedback :)

Nobody Knows How to Learn a Language: the first in a forthcoming series of posts about a new theory of language learning. Achieving fluency is rare, existing language learning models are poor, so methods are incomplete or bad.


The Burja Mapping series has five posts now, which form a fairly complete introduction to the field of Empire Theory and Power Mapping. Now's a good time to catch up if you have fallen behind.


@msweet Hope you're having fun with concentration practice. Are you familiar with Shinzen? Some of his most useful advice is: "If distracted, use labels (preferably spoken); if concentrated, look for reward flavor."

@polychrome I don't have to much love for Telegram but it seems to me the main thing it has going for it is these public/private groups things that are easy to join + leave

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