@publicvoit What's better about doing it in Emacs? Seems like it'd be less usable even if it was equally functional

@msweet a bit of both. i try to have a main technique, and a large of suite of other techniques to switch to as needed. with the main technique i'm always working on an assignment from my teacher, and making adjustments to try to complete that assignment. and also to cope with circumstances.

@tasshin would love your comments on my latest post. It’s about my switch to eyes open during meditation practice. swellandcut.com/2019/01/06/eye Have you any preference between the two?

@msweet Hey Matthew - just saw this. Thanks for pinging me! Great post, it was an enjoyable read which is always fun about meditation. I tend to practice with eyes closed right now but a) they both have pros + cons and b) if i had to pick "the right one" I'd vote eyes open.

@aRandomCat Gotcha. Tiago Forte's PARA system has solved that problem for me but I appreciate hearing your solution!

@aRandomCat Can you say more about how you're encoding physical locality into the structure?

I'm working on a follow up series to my Burja Mapping post. Let me know if you are interested in seeing my drafts...

@bryanalexander at different times: Burlington, Johnson, Jeffersonville, Lowell

@bryanalexander Where in Vermont are you? I lived there until recently + will be back periodically

Also, please keep your slug lines for links you share with relatively short (~10 words maybe). Otherwise I just have to trim it or rewrite it myself.

It's actually quite a nice summarization challenge. Shoot for the saved-you-a-click type of slug line. Limit your valuative remarks to 1-2 adjectives. Avoid big block quotes.

Prompt: it'd be nice to have more fodder for the short-takes section of roundups.

If a toot seems particularly good in hindsight, try using the delete-and-redraft to add the hashtag

Sorry for missed feedfox updates in last few weeks. Still trying to find the right rhythm for curation. Keep the links coming.

In my new blog post, I review the work of sociologist and analyst Samo Burja, and combine it with the work of Simon Wardley's Wardley Maps to make... Burja Mapping. Enjoy "Towards Burja Mapping":

@vgr Makes sense. How do you feel emotionally about having read the book then? Was it a waste of time? Or enjoyable fun? Something else?

I ask because I'm curious about how you relate to your stack-of-books read and unread.

@vgr What would you have taken away then? Did it relate to anything now?

The main thing I've chewed on with it is how communities have a sort of...incestuous? quality where they are doing a Good Thing but it polarizes into The Only Good Thing. I like it when communities can interact with other communities that are doing Other Good Things.

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