Jack and Zuck went up a hill
To fetch a bucket of content
Whose value was determined by
Stochastic gradient descent

The "Marshmallow Test" doesn't test economic time discounting. It tests trust in the fulfillment of promises from authority.

Anybody who's been poor knows the marshmallow in your mouth can't be taken back the way the ten promised in an hour can be.

Stop pretending that's dumb.

I'll be presenting "Evergreen Software Development: Why It’s Better To Set It All On Fire And Start Over" at DeveloperWeek Oakland on Thursday. I've got a few free passes remaining, if you're interested in attending:


Wheels down in Oakland. Trying to figure out my dinner and evening plans now.

"Is this really the troll-bridge you want to die under?"

I'm packed two days preflight. My lists of todo lists are all unstuck.

And I'm feeling a bit oaty.

2020 better fuckin' watch out.

Shower thoughts:

Dragons often have these pretty backswept horns. Only things in nature with those are prey animals who sometimes use them for self defense or mating contests . . . and now I can't get rid of the image of dragons whipping their heads at each other like giraffes.

Twitter tech set: only use kube for appropriately large projects.
Me: I wonder if I can run k3s on the toaster.

We are probably months from robopsychology as a field. I'm not really sure if it's "months until" or "months since", to be quite honest. twitter.com/neuroecology/statu

I'll be in Oakland next month (11th to 14th). I'm speaking on the 13th, but am still making plans for the rest.

Any suggestions for how to spend my free time?

(If you're in the Bay Area, ping me. I'd love to chat over coffee or a meal.)

Thou shall not `git push --force` to a shared branch: it is an abomination unto thy git history.

Hot take: The Devil won that fiddle contest. Wealth and pride were just his plan for truly damning Johnny.

Why chew on the sour grapes others have spit out?

For reasons entirely silly and personal -- an RPG, let's be honest -- I've become an amateur Old Testament scholar over the years.

Tentative title of the resulting book: "Gotta Begat While The Begetting's Good".

Drunk cowboy wisdom: "There's the one who can learn by reading. The few who can learn by hearing of it, or seeing it. The rest of us just gotta pee on the electric fence for ourselves."

My corollary: "Very few like being told their stream is wandering toward the fence."

One of the most obvious symptoms of my aging is my newfound love for the harumph.

I totally learned it from my grandpa, I just haven't felt ready to take on the mantle until recently.


And if you're in the Bay Area, hit me up. I'm in Oakland the 11th to the 15th, and don't have much planned yet but the talk.

I'll be presenting "Evergreen Software Development: Why It’s Better To Set It All On Fire And Start Over" at DeveloperWeek Oakland on Feb 13th. I've got a few free passes, first come first serve: l.feathr.co/developerweek-2020

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