"You're not a child. I suspect you never were. So stop acting like one; it doesn't become you." -- Chrisjen Avasarala


(If you haven't watched Expanse . . . you should.)

I just got a CEO job offer on LinkedIn.

Honestly can't tell if this means I should cross-shitpost more or less.

(See, this is why I don't tell you everything I'm thinking.)

Star Wars, but every time they say "The Force" it's replaced with "privilege".

(Ah, the eternal question: to cross-shitpost to LinkedIn or not?)

Content warning: sincere answers to snide rhetorical questions.

"Have you met my son, the Avatar of Tangent?"

Anything fun happening this evening, Austin?

Found myself unexpectedly playing priest to an old friend. Details are theirs to share, but watching someone happily discovering a new side of themself is a rare treat.

When most people say "you can't dance", what they really mean is "I can't dance". Which is 100% their problem, and you can dance right past that.

Being angry constantly is stupefying. If you want to actually solve world problems, step one is to stop letting social media hijack your amygdala with news of them.

Understanding this fundamentally is, I believe, a key differentiator between low and high-performing organizations.

(Implications vis. our current political systems are left as an exercise for the reader.)


Amarok suddenly disappeared during a distro upgrade. Makes sense: lack of maintenance means it was falling behind in bad ways.

Still, I wasn't planning on scripting a DB migration this evening to get my music back.

Open source is fun 99% of the time, and funny the rest.

I'm considering a rebranding of my company. If you're open to spitballing the new idea briefly, DM me? (And if you've got a network of helpful friends, please share?)

My brother Tim's short film "Marisol" is now available on HBO: hbo.com/movies/marisol

Go check it out!

Hey millennials: did you destroy an industry last week? Did you *try* to destroy an industry last week?

Back from Pennsic. Final step was frustrating, and resulted in lost glasses, but otherwise home safe and sound.

Going off-comms for Pennsic. I'll see y'all in a couple weeks, unless you're there.

After a long thread on Facebook, I think I'm going to go with "knowledge blinders". Far simpler to understand and explain than "typical mind fallacy", et al.

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