I'm starting to do more technical speaking, and have some private questions. If you're a regular speaker with a bit of free time to give advice, let me know?

I've turned forty. As per tradition, observed will be next weekend, to avoid the shadow of the turkey.

Saturday 2pm to 6pm. DM if you want directions.

Can we be done with "big dick energy" soon? It's setting unrealistic expectations for me and my magnum dong.

1% income is not 1% wealth.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

For those just now realizing it's Blade Runner day:

Welcome back to your cyberpunk dystopia, already in progress.

Please stay tuned for a preview of the transhuman cryptopia, after The Break.

[this post crossposted late due the cyber punking out, per aforementioned dystopia]

It's tempting, when migrating or upgrading, to "clean up a bit, while we're here".


You can't cross a chasm in two jumps.

For national coming out day, this old fag is gonna boogie over at Rain. Maybe see y'all there?

The Church of the Subgenius is not a silly pseudo-religion. We are a pseudo-silly religion: you only think we're joking.

"I have discoursed with the scattered dynasty of solitaries who have changed the face of the world."

This is the fully automated luxury gay space communism content that I signed up to Twitter for: aiweirdness.com/post/185883998 (ht to @janellecshane)

Therapist: There's no such thing as ghosts of unread literature. They're not real, and they can't hurt you.

Books on my nightstand:

I've got some garb that needs mending. Does anyone in the Austin area know someone they trust to repair odd clothing? (I've been burned on this before, so I'm a little picky / gun-shy.)

"Assume trusted coordination" is the "assume a spherical cow" of social improvement ideas. Anything that doesn't survive in low-trust environments can't prosper in ours.

I love it when I get to mic drop on the job.

"You're not a child. I suspect you never were. So stop acting like one; it doesn't become you." -- Chrisjen Avasarala


(If you haven't watched Expanse . . . you should.)

I just got a CEO job offer on LinkedIn.

Honestly can't tell if this means I should cross-shitpost more or less.

(See, this is why I don't tell you everything I'm thinking.)

Star Wars, but every time they say "The Force" it's replaced with "privilege".

(Ah, the eternal question: to cross-shitpost to LinkedIn or not?)

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