Who else remembers the gargoyle suits from Snow Crash?

Because I've got bookmarks for the parts for one. It would cost about the same as a high-end laptop.

I'm try to resist, but I likely to fail.

@nealstephenson: Welcome to your cyberpunk future, currently in progress.

My son just turned 21. My 40th birthday is due later this year.

BRB planning mid-life crisis.

I have two tickets to jackalope-larp.com/our-events/ to give away in exchange for some on-site help. Contact me privately for more info if you're interested.

"Your moral compass could use a degaussing."

I occasionally get told I resemble Jeff Bridges.

Okay, that's not quite correct.

I get told I resemble The Dude.

It happened today at a work function.

. . . I can abide.

It's almost never about you.

Learning that one saved me a lot of heartburn, over the years.

"the best practitioners start to get unreasonably lucky"

mailchi.mp/ribbonfarm/omega-le continues the trend of timely @vgr articles that dive into ideas that I've been nibbling at the edges of.


If you participated in the attacks on SSC, I'd be glad if you exited my life. I no longer have room in my life for digital mobsters, regardless of your stated intentions.

". . .the split-octonions, which are isomorphic to Zorn . . . "

I was not aware that Wikipedia connected to L-Space, but I took a left turn at quantum theory, and now here I am in the middle of what sounds a lot like a 1930s space opera.

Send supplies, and a good reading light.

Underrepresented folks bring underrepresented skills, plus a lifetime of experience with overcoming broad adversity. Those are both vital to solving complex business problems.

D&I is often treated like ethical backfill. And that's good.

But done well, it's also good strategy.

Touch the twitter follow, and ask: does this spark joy?

Observations from an AI conference:

Deep Learning professors will use "dream" as regular part of their technical lingo. Androids will dream, though we don't yet know it will be of electric sheep.

The Gone Away World is great gonzo fiction. Nick Harkaway gleefully reveals cards you saw him palm in dizzying combinations, and never quite as you expect.

I can't remember who recommended it to me, but I owe that person a drink.

Said it before, and I'll say it again, even at the cost of another friend: your hate bores me, but I love to watch you love.

Facebook just prevented me from DMing a gaming link to my roommate, because it went against their "Community Standards".

That's probably the straw that breaks the camel's back. Interrupting direct communications to nanny me is really not something I accept in tools.

@vgr FYI, the link to his paper on your page is broken. Google finds IEEE's page for it, but the paper is behind a paywall there: ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/1

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