On closer examination, you're unlikely to take enough orally to reach the levels the study describes. Still, good news generally, in that there's a more effective treatment.

Looks like 4000 IU daily is a safe prophylactic dose.

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I missed this a month ago, and news since then also looks promising.

Get some vitamin D, y'all.

(In pill form: you need the higher dose for it to work.)


Sometimes, it's clear people have different upbringings than yours.

For instance, I can guarantee whoever founded this company did not watch Red Dwarf as a kid, like I did.

If you burned a bridge three years ago, don't expect it to be standing today.

This message brought to you by the white dude who attacked me as a racist in 2017, and sent me a friend request on FB today.

The Girl With All The Gifts is just about the best zombie movie I've seen. Glenn Close chews up the screen opposite newcomer Sennia Nanua, in a plot trying on fabulous new forms of horrid and creepy at every turn.

It's been so long since I used a phone as a phone that I recently talked to an answering machine like it was text-to-speech. (Twice, just in case my smoothing over the first time had a chance to succeed.)

So that's how my shut-in's been going.


Big Mesos to Kubernetes migration is 100% complete. Had some tough conversations at work, and now taking a well deserved vacation.

No big plans yet, not sure what I could do given the current state of the world. Any suggestions?

Not exactly sure why this account lost all my follows. Given other flakiness, not really sure it's worth keeping up with . . .

FYI: Our former landlord has been contacting our friends looking for our current information, to chase us for more move-out costs.

If they reach out to you, feel free to practice whatever breed of cussing makes you the most happy, in response.

Understanding ignorance that you lack is a highly underrated ability.

My daughter navigated her first game session with aplomb. Aries of Ulnar, elf rogue extraordinaire, rescued a captured half-orc warrior from the clutches of a goblin tribe. Her traps thinned out the herd, and her sneak attack dropped the bugbear leader.


Dear Donald J. Trump:

If you want to be an Evil Overlord, please read the lore: eviloverlord.com/lists/overlor

"My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones" is literally rule #1.


Tired Of This Genre-Unsavvy Timeline

In lighter news: a friend is running an evil-overlords D&D game. Turns out, the open source tooling available for fantasy games is pretty incredible.

Resisting police tyranny has been American since before it was America. Black lives have mattered, both there and in general, even before Crispus Attucks.

I pray that someday soon, we find a better way to water the tree of liberty.

But I fear it won't be today.

Declaring forum / chat bankruptcy. If you want to be sure I've read it, you should @ or DM me.

(People locked at home type a lot. Who knew?)

This thought inspired by a friend playing it, and leaving me a perfect opening to play again in response.

Shared games might just be a love language of mine.

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I picked a game up from w00tstock, where you grab an odd turn of phrase from conversation and quickly reply "Coincidentally, Grab An Odd Tern is my Flock Of Seagulls cover band" or the like.

I'm rarely quick enough to pull it off in analog conversation, so when I can it's a joy.

Life tip: if the restaurant is weird and worn, eat there. Applebees might make it on ads, these places have to serve good food instead.

This message brought to you by the curry-with-mysterious-pepper-oil from the local laundromat / restaurant.

(My face is on fire. Tasty fire.)

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