The Gone Away World is great gonzo fiction. Nick Harkaway gleefully reveals cards you saw him palm in dizzying combinations, and never quite as you expect.

I can't remember who recommended it to me, but I owe that person a drink.

Said it before, and I'll say it again, even at the cost of another friend: your hate bores me, but I love to watch you love.

Facebook just prevented me from DMing a gaming link to my roommate, because it went against their "Community Standards".

That's probably the straw that breaks the camel's back. Interrupting direct communications to nanny me is really not something I accept in tools.

@vgr FYI, the link to his paper on your page is broken. Google finds IEEE's page for it, but the paper is behind a paywall there:

@vgr Pierre's guided-hold solution sounds like the predictive coding model of cognition. Both use the model itself -- or rather, its predictions -- as an input to the next iteration of the model.

I wonder how his system handles surprise. Do you have a link to the paper handy?

(Glad you knew the man. He seems formidable, in the best of ways.)

The recent worldwide love affair with Bollywood is bearing strange and wonderful fruit.

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Hey, Mastodon: is there a way to always "Show More" without breaking out Greasemonkey or the like?

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My roommate, innocently: "How do they figure out the date for Easter?"
Me, after 20 minutes of Wikipedia trance: "Not a fucking clue, man. But I'm ignorant about how it works in like five programming languages now."

What am I up to this holiday season? Oh, just helping to spec out the security system for a dystopian future. You?

(I'm technical consultant on an upcoming Cyberpunk 2020 LARP. Details still gelling, but "early summer", "middle Texas", and "I'm psyched" are all confirmed.)

So, Mastodon:

What happens if I wish to move servers?

Do I have to refollow everyone?

Do they have to refollow me?

Can my old posts move over via some automatic process?

Basically, how tied to this server am I? If it shuts down, or I decide I want my own / another, how much pain am I in for?

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