After a long thread on Facebook, I think I'm going to go with "knowledge blinders". Far simpler to understand and explain than "typical mind fallacy", et al.

Is there a good term for when your own knowledge blinds you to ignorance of others?

Eternal September started in 1993, when AOL brought everyone online in droves. Eternal October started in 2016, when everyone started being as serious about it as USENET grognards.

Eternal November (ETA mid-2029) will start when everyone finally learns "don't feed the trolls".

Folks, no matter how hard you try, you cannot smack-talk an idea to death.

The only thing that can kill a bad idea is a better one.

Go build those.

There's no such thing as a 10x programmer.

There is such a thing as a x/10 workplace, however.

I see that Poe's Law is going to be strongly enforced in this cyberpunk future timeline:

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On “social” networks there’s always a mob ready to fundamentally oppose whatever you say. Learning to gracefully ignore their hate is a core value.

The more you try, and the more ambitious your tries, the more you will fail. Admitting the failures is far easier than carrying them, in the long term.

(I've been relearning this lesson several times this month.)

Most advice is conservative and intended for the average case. If you're trying something new, most advice will be specifically wrong along that axis of novelty. Politely ignoring bad advice, without rancor, is an important entrepreneurship skill.

What's your least professional professional opinion?

Mine: 'k8s' is a bad imitation of 'i18n', and utterly useless when 'kube' is one letter longer, already the abbreviation the tools use, and is pronounced like what it shortens.

Who else remembers the gargoyle suits from Snow Crash?

Because I've got bookmarks for the parts for one. It would cost about the same as a high-end laptop.

I'm try to resist, but I likely to fail.

@nealstephenson: Welcome to your cyberpunk future, currently in progress.

My son just turned 21. My 40th birthday is due later this year.

BRB planning mid-life crisis.

I have two tickets to to give away in exchange for some on-site help. Contact me privately for more info if you're interested.

"Your moral compass could use a degaussing."

I occasionally get told I resemble Jeff Bridges.

Okay, that's not quite correct.

I get told I resemble The Dude.

It happened today at a work function.

. . . I can abide.

It's almost never about you.

Learning that one saved me a lot of heartburn, over the years.

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