Folks, no matter how hard you try, you cannot smack-talk an idea to death.

The only thing that can kill a bad idea is a better one.

Go build those.

@temujin9 You'll need _better execution_. There have been plenty of better ideas that died because the creators thought they idea would live on merits.

You'll need to execute the hell out of your idea.

@ricardojmendez I think an idea which doesn't include motivation to execute isn't actually better.

@temujin9 It's not motivation to execute - we also need to escape the typical technologist trap of thinking that the best tech will win.

For example, look at the decentralization space. From P2P protocols to crypto, there are teams executing well from a purely technical standpoint.

They aren't however necessarily executing well on usability, accessibility, or other areas that are fundamental for adoption.


I grew up watching video on VHS, not Betamax, so I'm at least personally well out of that trap.

The point remains: an idea must be a better fit for its environment than the one it replaces. That includes such fits as "well executed" and "able to survive in the wilds".

We can lament that good ideas sometimes fail for those unfair reasons, but all the wailing in the world won't make any of them successful.

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