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While the brain dreams the narrative self is quiet and 'the elephant in the brain' dances.

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πŸ‘‹ Hello!

My name is Nicholas Perry, but I tend to go by my username (or as "Ape" when people let me).

I'm basically your classic trope of the absent minded professor: obsessive interests, nerdy disposition, poor social skill, and prone to strange moods.

I have an alt-account @ultimape with more details about my interests pinned.

I decided to set up a space here to interact with this community better. The local timeline on the flagship instance is too chaotic for my tastes.

@ultimape So yes, the map _is not_ the territory, but a map _which completely ignores_ the territory is not useful. The map is an _analogue_ of the territory, or more precisely, _some aspects_ of the territory. Intelligent use of maps recognises this -- that there is _some_ but not _full_ correspondence. The full cycle -- any control loop, OODA being a popular model, relies on sensing, processing, decision, commanding, and assessment. Maps feed all aspects of this loop.


I'm ina flow state, I must say.
Predicting words? Yes I may.

Language halting, stutters out.
Ideas forming, finding route.

My mind is racing in a rage.
Words forming from a haze.

Synthesis of shapes in sand.
Glyph are shaped with a hand.

Writing about how I do it;
Structures form, & I glue it.

A stack of cards, A stack of sticks
Of kicking nards, & rhyming hicks.

Thoughts on groups, & common sense.
Grammar channeled, in wrong tense.

Memes of meaning.
Themes of gleaning.

Capture. Rapture.

I wanna go to refactor camp next year. I wonder what it would take to make me able to function despite long distance travel.

Kinda sucks that we get to pilot mechs but they're only made of unreliable wet meat. Terrible biotech.

One thing I can't find is van cats.

Dogs? yeah, all over the place. Almost every van millennial has a van dog.

But I haven't seen a cat.

Can't get more domestic cozy than living in a van.

I'm finding a surprisingly high number of millennials who are raising children in them, often renovating their van to make more accessible bedding. Even a big enough market that you can buy collapsible cots that hang off the back of the seats of some well known vans.

I've been looking at it in terms of risk reduction - with a limited income, I don't want to be subject to landlords or time precarity.

The flip of that is avoiding people?

With that in mind, the other thing I've been exploring is the notion of and alternative mobile dwellings.

My thinking is that the next step up from camping and hiking is to do what the american settlers did with horse-draw wagons. Tho a van has a few more horses than the vehicles of old.

I may take a tangent thru stuff, but only because I don't have a licence. It depends on how willing my SO is at being my driving buddy.

The "Bootstrapping" part of the idea is in trying to figure out how to go from nothing and build our way back up to modern infrastructure. All the while also making more conscious choices about how we build things.

Part of that is casting off the normal ways that we structure our society. Embracing 'Waldenponding' ideas as a temporary way to reanalyze how we relate to each other.

As a side project to my "Bootstrapping Civilization" / Homeostatic Mechanisms thing I'm dong, I've also been working on reviewing and exploring aspects of camping.

I see basic camping stuff to be one of the simplest forms of holistic human survival we have.

Learning about camping/survivalism is a great way to flesh out stuff like primitive fire making and base ways to purify water.

It inherently explores the space below a level of infrastructure a society brings.

"Wittgenstein’s theories gave them a breakthrough in making their translation services more effective, but somehow, this key connection between philosophy of language and artificial intelligence has long gone under-celebrated and overlooked."

Why is it about science experiments that make them so great at going viral?

Update: the Comfy Chair has a cat on it

The End of Days is temporarily postponed until the cat is ready to move.

Thus Intelligence itself does not necessarily belong to the individual biological system but may be a result of this underlying non-local information field.

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