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i was formerly known as @mwfogleman

i took bodhisattva vows earlier this year and received the name Tasshin 達真

i am training at the Monastic Academy's new location in (

i also work with Tiago Forte at Forte Labs

Just discovered light mode in web mastodon interface and night mode in twitter interface so I’m switching light and dark 😎

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Hard power vs. soft power maps quite well onto master-slave vs. producer-consumer relationships. A leadership role can be thought of in terms of proximity to the apex of a hierarchy (master with many slaves and few masters; coercive power) or in terms of centrality in a network (prolific consumer and producer; attractive power).

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Hard power is well-suited for directional relationships. A master can use a slave without being affected by the slave's own power. Soft power introduces the risk of reciprocality. A producer must adapt to the consumer's desires, and risks being subverted in the process. Hard power relies on a reservoir of force. Soft power relies on a reservoir of identity.

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«Saudi government recently granted citizenship to a female robot. That robot has been able to do things in public that Saudi women, actual human ones, are forbidden from doing. And that's a great example of what happens when you don't believe in real people»

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Looking for a topic to write my LL.M. (ie masters degree in law) on. Would like to research on a topic regarding ethical/regulatory challenges associated with emerging technologies. Any suggestions, all you tech guys? Thanks in advance!

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Twitter x-post warning!

I want to write a post analogizing P vs. NP and knowing vs. being able to explain something but I can't because I'm pretty sure I know it's true but I can't explain it.

A key point in Perrow's Normal Accidents is that failures in complex systems are caused by hidden interactions (obvious) that are also "Interactions are not only unexpected, they are incomprehensible for some critical period of time."

This is the critical insight in the idea I think. The fact that for a key period when you *could* act meaningfully to respond, but simply don't understand what is going on. This is similar to having your OODA loop hacked by an adversary, but is natural/normal

Irreversible choices have 2 aspects besides not being able to go back: the fateful option leading to uncharted regimes, and do-overs being costly/impossible.

If future is like past, or you can do-over cheaply, irreversibility is moot. Like Coke vs Sprite at a vending machine.

Terry Pratchett’s “small gods” theology is basically a theory of entrepreneur psychology.

Considering the theory that all emergence is positive normal accidents. That is, same mechanics, but non-catastrophic outcomes.

You know how a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day?

Now think about a stuck moral compass held by a drunkard on a random walk.

Reposting from twitter

So long as people think “work hard and play by the rules” is a principled way of living that should lead to sustained good outcomes over a lifetime, the same shitty macro outcomes will keep happening. It’s not just a stupid way to live, it’s kinda morally questionable.

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It's weird to me that we consider "sticking to your principles" as a virtue.

If someone has shitty principles, then sticking to them doesn't make them a better person.

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Hot off the presses: Learn about the early history of Content Warnings, the First Ever Mastodon Fork, and the sitewide drama which preëmpted it!!

New blogpost: Fringe Mastodev – Part I: The Beginnings