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To all contributors: please keep the comment short and sweet. Preferably just use the title of the link, or if that's not clear, a 5-10 word precis. Don't do big quotes. Save that for follow up comments. See my latest for examples of good style.

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One of the most obvious symptoms of my aging is my newfound love for the harumph.

I totally learned it from my grandpa, I just haven't felt ready to take on the mantle until recently.


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Any interesting developments in the fediverse in the last few months?

I haven't been very active here in the last few months, but am pleasantly surprised to see there's a continuing steady trickle of activity among a few regulars. I'll continue being variably active but open to any other suggestions.

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Seems to be much written in praise of polymaths these days, which makes me happy.

During my undergrad I nominally studied literature but somehow got away with taking classes in 15 departments. I wound up working in Linux automation (though I never took a CS class). Any other aspiring polymaths out there?

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Is it considered bad form to boost your own reply so that it appears in your main timeline?

PSA: If you'd like to help support this instance (which costs $20/mo and some admin labor, primarily from Zach Faddis and to a lesser extent, from me) please contact Zach at @zacharius for a venmo to send $ to. Limit contributions to $5/mo and max $20 (~4 mo) at one time, since we don't want to manage large balances or deal with the expectations that come with larger contributions.

I will continue to underwrite the cost and cover any shortfalls. We will set up some accountable tracking too.

I haven't been super active here lately, but keep checking in every few days at least. But if anyone wants to ping me urgently for anything, use a different channel. This is something of an easy pace relaxation zone channel for me :D

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I spent about an hour today fanning through various books on Italian architecture in the 15th-16th centuries and came to this conclusion: we have gotten a lot worse at building (partially bc the average person is legally forbidden to make substantial modifications to the property that they own) but we have gotten so much better at architecture.

@Bert I see you sent me a paypal payment for this instance without asking me. This creates an annoying book-keeping headache for me. If it shows up as "unclaimed" on your account, please see if you can reverse it. If not, I'll be refunding it.

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Oh man, I just learned that the main internal communication tool at facebook is a corporate version of facebook. This explains a lot.

Grr. Weird euro style appliance integrated into cabinetry.

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somebody at work is giving away Banana Republic coupons, and it just reminded me how utterly strange it is that there's a clothing store chain named Banana Republic. That's like naming your store "Failed State" or "Tinpot Dictatorship"

7. Chartered private jet: pick an evil-twin beef/subvert them. Imitation is not the highest form of flattery. Subversion is.

8. Your own private jet: include-and-transcend in a bigger idea, forcing authority to turn into student if they don’t want to retire

5. Business class: cite for a specific idea that you actually need to build on, but in a sufficient way, not necessary. There are other competing sources to cite that would serve as well, so choosing one is some mix of buy-in to a subcultural game, voting, buying influence, and respect,
6. First class: cite for a specific and necessary idea that’s available nowhere else, or is so clearly best of breed it would be small-minded/ungracious to cite the competition. Taleb operates here.

The intellectual influence freemium hierarchy citation airline
1. Basic economy tier: tag on twitter
2. Economy: cite in general terms, mostly to CYA and insure against them sending their troll mobs after you or beefing with you
3. Premium economy: faithfully imitate their patterns, acknowledging influence
4. Mileage program early boarding: summarize their work for others, evangelize

Having a drink in memory of my father-in-law-law, who passed away today. He will be missed. 🥃

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Update + Request 

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Young sciences are so much more fun. Trying to identify a mushroom, I come across this:

"At the time of this writing (April, 2015) the genus "Polyporus" is headed for major changes; DNA studies (for example Sotome et al., 2008) have made it clear that the genus we thought we had a handle on is actually fairly incoherent, requiring a number of taxonomic changes."

So I recently turned on protected tweets on Twitter

Interesting experience. Slight mastodon feel as a result. Though too many followers to feel truly relaxing.

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