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To all contributors: please keep the comment short and sweet. Preferably just use the title of the link, or if that's not clear, a 5-10 word precis. Don't do big quotes. Save that for follow up comments. See my latest for examples of good style.

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In your opinion, what is an actual "both sides" issue right now?

Is our search turned off? I can't seem to search anything cc @zacharius

I already have too many toots to search for my own without a search function. Looking for something I tooted about how some science fiction approaches closer to reality instead of escaping from it...

“Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, or ISTDP, the psychological approach deals with unconscious negative emotions – often guilt or anger linked to an emotional trauma suffered years or decades earlier – which have manifested as a physical symptom.”

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The Honeywell Kitchen Computer which Neiman Marcus offered for sale at $10,600 including a 2 week programming course, 1969

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Is it just me or has there been a sharp mood shift around climate change, like a defcon 3 to 5 jump. Or yellow to red or whatever 🤔

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Stone Mountain and the Great Stone Skull inspired countless homemade dungeons over the years.

(Tom Wham, from the 1977 Holmes/blue book Basic D&D rulebook.)

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In lieu of coffee, I took a five minute walk yesterday when I hit the mid-afternoon groginess. This was at least as effective, if not more than a coffee. 100% success rate, would recommend! 😉

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On another channel someone pointed out that I should read the reviews. They tell you exactly what kind of people need a dot matrix printer in 2018.

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I'm writing this for people I know on Facebook, but if you know someone who might benefit from this, feel free to point them to :)

The difference between a grand narrative and a narrative is that the former is where surplus middle-class attention preferentially flows

Could poetry both freely create and rationally assert? Could it speak from the unconscious but still make conscious sense? Bonnefoy’s solution was to convey the motion back and forth between these two states: the physical and the symbolic, the real and the dream.

On the French poet Yves Bonnefoy

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People think they have 20/20 hindsight. Actually most hindsight conclusions are just another theory that hasn't been tested against reality yet.

I have 73 MB of tweets and 2.32 GB worth of images in my twitter download, holy crap. Anyone know of any good tools to work with the json file? I don't want to do any coding if I can help it, but would like to do crap like filter tweets by keyword and send to a csv or something

I think the first approach is basically good only for when you have a strong pattern match hit to a long-studied condition like depression or bipolar etc.

The second approach is time consuming and can get some basic low-level energy/attention flows healthy.

The 3rd approach I think is under-rated and the most useful of all. Though system 1/system 2 is too crude a map. You need a map with more pieces. I'm currently trying to do an inventory with my goat-crow-rat map from

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