Chesterton’s Fence (human edition)

Don’t presume to dismiss another’s person simply because you see no grounds for adopting it yourself. Until you can explain how they arrived at their position, you must take it seriously.

I like this better than the physical fence version.

Right. Until you factor in the internet as steroids for the Dunning-Kruger effect. We live in a world of geniuses now all of whom understand everyone else perfectly.

@vgr I never dismiss another's person. It's their person and I'm sure they worked hard on it.

@vgr I like this a lot. I'll remember it next time I get into a political disagreement. Try to focus on understanding why they believe what they believe, instead of trying to prove I'm right.

@vgr My experience thus far is that people arrive at their beliefs as the cumulative sum of their experiences. If their beliefs differ significantly, that's a clue for me to check if our experiences with a particular thing has been largely similar or different.

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