I’m looking for good case-study type reads on decentralized and federated architectures, business models, economic dynamics, polities, biological systems etc based on real examples (ie not speculations, whether with or without blockchains).

Also looking for analytical things like CAP theorem, Mundel-Fleming trilemma etc.

@vgr please share if you find any, really interested in potential business models. I’ve been imposing a new idea around federation on everyone at work since joining here...

@vgr The P2P Foundation is an excellent resource. They have tons of reports, case studies, wikis and a blog at their Knowledge Commons page

@vgr so I've been shepherding to be a federated arch. approach to 211 which is currently pretty shitty.

Goal is to make Upswyng deployment and management super simple and then have Code for America Brigades all over the country stand up an instance and curate accurate and timely-information for needy-to-knows.

Each instance will expose its data to an endpoint thereby creating a fediverse of social service provider data that will be better than official provider data.

@vgr Spoke to a civic tech friend who mentioned that Alcoholic Anonymous meeting finder app works similarly

@vgr Steve Keen, W. Brian Arthur, and Eric Beinhocker are among the more interesting economists I'm following presently. Not quite along the lines you describe.

I'm doing a lot of thinking about networks and economy, but little really fleshed out yet.

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