You’ve heard about the ‘unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics’.

There’s also what you could call ‘the unreasonable depth of reality’

Reality just has such mindboggling depth of mindless detail you can keep modeling to infinite weariness.

It just never ends. No matter how much artifice you impose on a piece of reality, 9/10 of it is still left, showing up as territory noise in your knowing map.

And knowing is so fragile. Poof and you’re liminally entangled in unfactored reality again.

@vgr Lately I've been thinking that because there are an infinite number of ways of viewing reality, and some are accurate, then that means there are an infinite number of accurate views. This is somehow comforting to me, since the one I choose is often suboptimal. It suggests that there's an endless number of better ones I could use...

@vgr I think this might be best expressed via poetry.

@vgr @allison It searched on for hours, eyes scanning and scanning as it raced down the corridor of the modern art museum.

“Damn it!” the mirror exclaimed. “Can someone tell me what the f*%k this is supposed to be!??”

@vgr For fictional settings, as the reader, if you stumble upon an extremely detailed setting, it becomes easy to be lost in the story. I feel most people approach reality in this way

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