@tasshin Yes, though I felt I’d have benefited a lot more 20y ago when I was very deep into that mindspace

@vgr What would you have taken away then? Did it relate to anything now?

The main thing I've chewed on with it is how communities have a sort of...incestuous? quality where they are doing a Good Thing but it polarizes into The Only Good Thing. I like it when communities can interact with other communities that are doing Other Good Things.


@tasshin I mean, there were basically no novel insights for me, reading it at 43. Very well put together and nicely crafted satirical bits in particular, like the game itself, but otherwise a meal of Stuff Already Learned Elsewhere

@vgr Makes sense. How do you feel emotionally about having read the book then? Was it a waste of time? Or enjoyable fun? Something else?

I ask because I'm curious about how you relate to your stack-of-books read and unread.

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