"Mental health" is such a vague concept. Western healthcare systems medicalize it entirely and it's a bunch of DSM-IV pathology descriptions. You're healthy if you have none of those.

Eastern traditions have a bunch of esoteric infrastructure that compiles down to a "just meditate and everything else will take care of itself" attitude, a sort of monetarist/supply side psyche approach approach ("just set the interest rate")


The western approach is like mercantilism/trade war if you extend the economics metaphor. DSM-based mental health has no macroeconomics, just sector-by-sector tariffs and protections and trade wars.

Nothing maps to Keynesian... aggregate demand boosting etc.

Hmm... to complete the mapping, the Austrian approach would be "shut down all metacognition, just stick to GTD and manage mental health entirely at the level of to-do lists."

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