I have 73 MB of tweets and 2.32 GB worth of images in my twitter download, holy crap. Anyone know of any good tools to work with the json file? I don't want to do any coding if I can help it, but would like to do crap like filter tweets by keyword and send to a csv or something

@vgr The Open Refine site might help. It is supposed to help you explore large data sets, that might be similar to what you want with filtering.

@vgr You can download your Twitter data...? Huh, you can. There is a CSV file in there already, no? Not enough? JSON is really easy to parse... when you have a warm feeling for it and a whole set of DIY tools... Do you have specific, easily definable and low-GUI things you want to do with the data, or do you need something general purpose?

@artlav oh I didn’t notice the CSV I’ll see if it does what I need

Dunno what I want to do. Vague idea of grading by theme/quality, compiling threads, etc and making a book to sell. First pass: get rid off all replies and links.

@vgr jq is kind of an awk for JSON, but not as horrible as awk

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