Who's doing resolutions? Anyone got good ones?

@vgr "be less resentful" was one I was confident in for a few days but now I'm having a hard time being more specific or concrete

@vgr Don't internalize others' imagined priorities/assessments.

@vgr I'm resolving to put less energy into my bill-paying work. Slouching a little more, if you will.

@vgr I’m finishing up a year of raptitude’s “deeper not wider”

I didn’t go whole hog, though. I picked a few particularly wishful/wasteful areas of my life (books, video games, new software projects) and started working through the backlog.

Every time I would have bought something, I put it on a 2019 list instead. And now that it’s the end of the year I’ll probably just drop most of them.

@vgr for 2019 I’m thinking that I won’t buy anything new until I finish or formally quit the previous one. The “formally quit” part is what I need to work on. With books I’m allowed one fiction and one non-fiction at a time. Maybe two non fiction if one is dense and the other is light. (Or in a separate category like a project workbook...)

I’m also going to narrow down to a few key projects so I don’t spread myself too thin as a form of workaholic procrastination.

@vgr Winter resolutions. Mostly health related. Beyond that, resolved to drop some people and activities from my life, and to write something once a week.

@vgr I plan on doing some but usually only start in on that project last minute (intentionally) is going to be interesting this year with the new baby

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