When you successfully exit a class you think of as losers but only acquire modest success on the side you think of as winners you end up seething in resentment at both the people you left behind AND the people you failed to join. Both sides think more of themselves than you do. You are mad all the time because unconsciously you think you are the shit in the shit sandwich.

Very hard-to-fix psyche. Such people hold on to their unhappiness like superglue. They may be so burned no amount of love and validation can heal them.

@vgr anyone with a strong sense of vertical relationships will encounter this eventually. It becomes impossible to reach them via a horizontal relationship because “up” isn’t speaking to them anymore and everything else seems like “down”.

The fewer horizontal relationships you have the more pronounced this unhappiness. That is, the fewer friends you have the smaller the safety net when you leap off w/e apex you reach within the System.

@aRandomCat @vgr seems like the only winning move is not to play. Otherwise you're constantly trying to outrun the loss of your network.

@ultimape @aRandomCat @vgr Except parts of your network will be moving on their own, in different directions and/or at different speeds, so you can never stay still for too long.

@johnhenry very Christian of you to think that but no it doesn’t 🙂

@vgr well i said individual love, not universal. you still only get 150 love-units, + some change

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