@Elmkast @vgr That essay—and Justin's soon-to-be released book—covers in-depth an important corner of the story, a part of the picture, but not the whole picture itself.

(In my opinion.)

I do not object against pessimism. Pessimisim has its important uses. It's just that from my own personal life experience, diving too deep into pessimistic philosophy tends to drive a person into a state of psyche similar to Nietzche's near his ultimate death...

@vgr It's only over when consumption itself is fully automated. Then both producers and consumers will be obsolete, and all that will remain is machines and owners. (Meaning the 0.01%. Us here, we're all dead)

@vgr I'm primed to agree with curmudgeons. But this guy lost me when he trashed Spider-Verse without seeing it. He's just showing his own ignorance.

Spider-Verse has got all the deconstruction, detournement, code-switching, and recontextualization of hegemonic master narratives that a literature PhD could love, if he wasn't terrified of liking something popular. It's a movie that wouldn't work at all if the audience was merely passive consumers of media. Its popularity is actually a good sign.

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