C&P from an email to friend who sent me previous link:
In general *punk I think is a sort of hacked agency claimed by people who have to live in a system but have neither ownership, nor authorship stakes in creating it.

The politics of "oppression" being projected onto the system is a sort of naive first-order response. *punk is a second-order response. A sort of "we didn't start this, but we'll finish it" grasping at power.

Or at least cultural performance of power-grasping

@vgr Maybe I'm just consuming a different type of cyberpunk, but I always felt the genre was more about leaving the system, than fighting it, because humanity sucks and will always create another crappy system.

The archetypal protagonists of cyberpunk are pulpy mercenary types, who abandon the farmer/crop dynamic of their society to become predators, scavengers, or parasites.

It's a topological attitude. The system exists as a navigable space, with both dangerous and exploitable features.

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