Heh after advising @msweet to try longer-form blogging, I myself am experimenting with going short. But in "threads" (twitter/mastodon inspired) that aren't old school blog series with a book-like arc or pedagogical sequences, but closer to a bunnytrail with real breadcrumbs (based on content linked by theme rather than an information architecture on the website structure)

@vgr @msweet How long do you think you can go with this format before you grow tired of following trails?

@BruceJia @msweet We shall see. The goal is to use this new format to try and beat my old single-post length record of about 14,000 words. So at 300 words a "container", a series would need to get to about 50 to beat it. If I added a block to the chain every week, that's about a year.

@vgr @msweet That's doable, but you need a unique system of organization to store it because short breadtrails (Ha!) can overlap and become difficult to follow. Maybe a system of double-sided hyperlinks, with each side linking to multiple more links.

@vgr sweet. Sounds intriguing. Are you intending to host them on RF or somewhere else? I suspect threads like that would benefit from a static overview or map-like structure—something like your RF/BS map, but less obviously artistic.

@vgr they work so well on social media because of the networked element, but unsure how to recreate that on your own platform without defaulting into a hierarchically organised wiki...

@vgr @msweet What inspired you? Longform is your trademark.

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