I now have 2 blog-threads going of 300 word blocks, one with 3 parts out, and the other with 1 part. Goal now is to boot up 5-7 such threads and try to get at least 1, and possibly all, to 50 parts (15,000 words). Inspired by tweetstorms/threads/toottrains. I think I'll call them blogchains?

@vgr I'm sure you're up to the challenge! Blogchains is fun unless you want to get further from sounding like blockchains.
I just started a little blog myself today. I fear our output exceeds the readership.

@allison I do want to reference blockchains obliquely :)

@vgr @allison if the release cadence is slow enough there’s plenty of room for all sorts of forking. One in the middle might go viral inspiring other chains of thought, some other might get caught in the crossfire of some culture battle, etc...

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