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"One of the great milestones on the road to maturity is the ability to give up being special or grandiose and to accept yourself as being average, living an average life. If you can derive happiness out of the ordinary and out of being ordinary, then you have truly come a long way. If you do accept yourself and life in that way, you will no longer have to whip yourself into perfection." - The Pathwork Lectures.


@alec oh nice, what are the pathwork lectures?

A corpus of lectures that contain a comprehensive synthesis of depth-psychology and spirituality. They are availiable for free online (pathwork.org/lecture-categorie)
I have gained a lot from reading them contemplatively.
Kind of the antithesis to the current "just meditate your way out of the pain" mentality of pop-mindfulness. It pays to suspend judgment of the New Age vibe and read a few of them. Maybe just pick a title that speaks to you instead of going chronologically.

I came across them through Core Energetics, a descendants of Reichian Body-Psychotherapy, in case somebody is interested ask me more. (Eva Pierrakos was the medium for the Pathwork lectures, her husband John Pierrakos a disciple of Reich and founder of Core Energetics, they incorporated each other but somehow the two systems didn't completely merge).

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