@Bert I see you sent me a paypal payment for this instance without asking me. This creates an annoying book-keeping headache for me. If it shows up as "unclaimed" on your account, please see if you can reverse it. If not, I'll be refunding it.

@vgr I will see if I can do that. Would a "gift" still inconvenience or bother you?

@vgr I should have communicated better; I am trying to learn to be more internally consistent in how I spend money so that it does not contradict my values. I derive a lot of therapeutic value from the existence of this place, and I'm aware it is not free to maintain. I derive more value here than from the majority of treatment I have received. I am aware that I have a relatively poor grasp of appropriate behavior, and I come here because most of the world in my experience is worse.

@Bert I’m happy you find this place helpful. Don’t worry about money. Just pay it forward in kind by helping others who need support.

@vgr @Bert I also feel that this site provides me with some value, but I cant donate because I'm a college student with a really busy schedule.

@Bert yes, I don’t accept gifts like this. I may set up a mechanism in the future to allow people to contribute to the cost of running this but right now it’s more trouble than it’s worth and it’s easuest fir me to just reimburse @zacharius periodically, since he pays for the server

@vgr It seems the payment is sent and will need to be refunded. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I appreciate your considerate response.

@Bert looking into if the payment will just revert if I don’t accept it for 60 or 90 days or if there’s another way to reverse it that won’t take as long. I’ll let you know when I’ve taken action. Might be a while. I’ll probably accept and refund eventually.

@Bert Issued refund. Lemme know when you get it. Not sure if they'll refund the transaction fees, so you may receive 3% less than you sent.

@zacharius You don't share the same scruples about getting paypalled out of the blue I hope? 😂

@zacharius Sorry if this situation is weird, if you want more explanation I'm happy to oblige.

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