PSA: If you'd like to help support this instance (which costs $20/mo and some admin labor, primarily from Zach Faddis and to a lesser extent, from me) please contact Zach at @zacharius for a venmo to send $ to. Limit contributions to $5/mo and max $20 (~4 mo) at one time, since we don't want to manage large balances or deal with the expectations that come with larger contributions.

I will continue to underwrite the cost and cover any shortfalls. We will set up some accountable tracking too.

@vgr @zacharius :) hmu Zach, I'm excited to have to venmo something for the first time! My manager said they use it to send grassroots reparations to black students, which I thought was interesting, and the app I *must* say is super interesting. Kind of gives me culture shock. like stepping into the future or a scifi world

@vgr @zacharius Also been thinking about the element of implicit expectations underlying explicit transactional behaviors. For a long time the only script I had was "avoid incurring wrath by accepting whatever people want to give you or do for you." I think I still haven't internalized that I'm an adult who's entitled to say no. And it was interesting to notice that my own behavior indeed had implicit expectations behind it -- a fear of losing something valuable to me.
Thanks guys.

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