How is everybody doing. Haven’t been checking in here lately. I hope everyone is staying safe.

@vgr So far. It's been relatively quiet here in New York.


@vgr True. Turns out that the National Guard and Army Corps of Engineers are being sent in to help:

@vgr Still doing fine, but honestly feeling a bit nuts from the isolation.

How are you doing?

@vgr Doing nothing is easy. Not doing anything is hard.

@vgr I'm serving out a Leave of Absence this week, hope my routine doesn't get turned upside-down. Still teaching from home though, and figuring out how to do that as I go.

@vgr Staying at home getting ready for _online Microelectronic circuits coursework_. How is LA doing collectively?

@vgr Hi. Can we chat for a bit? I have something that I want to discuss, which I feel would be inappropriate to directly discuss on feed

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