Hey folks, it looks like too few people are using this mastodon instance for it to be worth sustaining. And now it looks like the moderation headaches are increasing as well, with the spambot wave. I have been paying for it so far, and @zacharius has been maintaining it. I think the server is paid for through June (so another 2 months). Unless someone wants to take over, I think we’ll give people a chance to download data/migrate accounts and shut it down at that time.

@strangeattractor @zacharius basically paying $20/mo to @zacharius if he wants to continue administering, and $20 plus admin labor too if he wants out... I don’t know how much of a chore it is for him

@zacharius Would you be interested in continuing to do admin, or would you rather step back from admin tasks, or do your preferences fall somewhere in between?

Sorry for super late reply. Lately I have not been using this personally. And as a result the adminstration/moderation has been lacking as well. I would prefer to give it control to someone else. Tbh I do have some anxiety around neglecting this site and can't promise I will be more attentive but there really is minimal work involved.

It's being hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet(VM) with 80 GB disk space, 4 GB Memory for which I pay 20 bucks a month


Another question is whether @vgr is willing to let us continue to use his domain

Good point @zacharius.

@vgr If I take over the admin of the mastodon instance and paying the server costs, would you be ok with it continuing to use the domain name?

In that case, would you like me to buy the domain from you? I'd want at least admin access to have the ability to change server hosting.

@strangeattractor @zacharius yes, I’m happy to cede control of the domain as well. Ellen — let me know on email where you’d like me to transfer the domain (no need to buy off me, just need to know it’s in good hands). Domain is currently on Namecheap. And in the interim, happy to have you join as admin as well. I’ll move this convo to email.


Thank you, that gives me a better idea of the current setup and your preferences.

I would like to save the mastodon instance.

If it's ok with you and @vgr, would you please set me up with an admin account for the server?

I'd like to see if I can tweak things to use less resources so I might be able to get cheaper hosting.

@strangeattractor @zacharius just sent email to both of you... and yes, let’s get Ellen admin access while we figure out the whole transfer.

@vgr @zacharius That's too bad. Migrating to another instance?

@vgr @zacharius Gee I'm really sorry to hear this. I'll be sad :(

@vgr @zacharius Not currently in a position to keep it running, but yeah it was good while it lasted.

Thank you both for the opportunity!

@vgr @zacharius

that's too bad, but sounds like the right decision. I have really enjoyed this place. Thanks so much for starting and maintaining it.

I am thinking i might start my own instance for my friends and family. I hope I can continue to follow all you folks, either by fediverse, or wherever else you continue posting.

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