Does this 2x2 (based on my old death-and-taxes 2x2) of the 4 main political ideologies make sense to people without further commentary? (take a few minutes to process)

Follow-on thinking I’m doing on my post on epic times/Aionic periods

GDRP first blood! This mechanism of individual requests/delete actions is begging for a DDoS exploit. If 1000 people demand such deletion, I'll lose several days complying. Hope Mailchimp and other services automate this stuff more.

What does this image look like to you? (click to see the full image not just the preview part) cc: @AdverbAdjectiveNoun


I am interested in constructing a metaphor of aerobic vs anaerobic epistemology, with facts=oxygen. Interesting starting point: there are only 3 known multicellular anaerobic organisms.

How big and long-lived can you get breathing alt-facts?

Any design types here want to try and make us some identity images? Looks like we need 2.

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