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Sunday surprise: Eucharist above, below and beyond Show more

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Hi. I’m not much for introductions, but you can read my feed on Twitter @meadbadger for the real scoop.

I’m a lawyer. Roman Catholic. Father of three (so far; cf, Roman Catholic). I love rockets and Dungeons & Dragons and decentralized forms of technology. I’m a believer in cryptocurrency but don’t own much. I work in-house at an investment bank; you’d recognize the name. I’d like to build a cathedral on Ceres one day.

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Get Off This Planet 看少點

@vgr @britt @emsenn @artlav @msflechette @vr00n

Under the sign of "Neural ink refills", there was nothing but a void space.

I couldn't quite make out the depth of this space, though it was about 6 feet wide apart defined by the two adjacent torn down factories.

Since I had the urge to refill something in neurally way all today, and the drinks wasn't quite doing it. I decided to seek that refill.

Walking while hearing my own footsteps before they land.

@akkartik @adrianmryan hmm didn’t think of that. Sounds like this would be a general named problem in distributed computing like CAP theorem.

I’d expect postel’s law to apply. Liberal in accept/conservative in put out. Render in soft-fail ways. See also recent @necopinus toot on showing Plume content in mastodon.

@adrianmryan I’m doing my best to avoid product manager temptations and just generally encouraging any hacking people feel inspired enough to self-organize

@zrl I’d position McLuhan as one

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@KingMob ah yes I know that, just didn’t get the pot connection to mastodon :)

@hewhocutsdown one of my probably-will-never-read things

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Officially employed as a high school teacher, unofficially internet-based self-experimenter, tinkerer, avid reader, rationality dabbler, monotheistic practitioner.

Been following ribbonfarm since ... just after The GervIs Principle I think, though only lurking. I used to Telegram my more socially awkward readings in a tiny group, guess I found another outlet.

@msflechette many rich people are doing this for their kids now

@KingMob I don’t get it. Is 420 a special number in the fediverse?

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Hello Refactor Camp Mastodon!

I do IT & security for a US non-profit, but before that I worked as what could be best described as a "data hygienist", and before that I tried my hand at being a photographer, and before that I studied operations research. To be honest, I haven't really figured out what I "do" yet. 🙂

I've been following Ribbonfarm since I don't remember when, and wanted to try out this instance to get my head around Mastodon with an interesting crowd of folks.

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What's the best EPUB to PDF renderer out there? Have been using Calibre, but the occasional formatting bugs are annoying.

Get Off This Planet #chainstory Show more

@jaycie do you do some replication/redundancy/sharding of follows across accounts?

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computers Show more

@mchapiro mostly a shithole, not awful if you live in Summerlin and have a couple of friends you like