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@tasshin ah pffft

bulletproof monk or no cigar...I mean incense 😎

@tasshin are you you gonna learn martial arts and stuff too?

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i was formerly known as @mwfogleman

i took bodhisattva vows earlier this year and received the name Tasshin 達真

i am training at the Monastic Academy's new location in (

i also work with Tiago Forte at Forte Labs

Just discovered light mode in web mastodon interface and night mode in twitter interface so I’m switching light and dark 😎

@Elmkast Moar exciting weather! 2x storm surges with 2x sharks in them!

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Hard power vs. soft power maps quite well onto master-slave vs. producer-consumer relationships. A leadership role can be thought of in terms of proximity to the apex of a hierarchy (master with many slaves and few masters; coercive power) or in terms of centrality in a network (prolific consumer and producer; attractive power).

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Hard power is well-suited for directional relationships. A master can use a slave without being affected by the slave's own power. Soft power introduces the risk of reciprocality. A producer must adapt to the consumer's desires, and risks being subverted in the process. Hard power relies on a reservoir of force. Soft power relies on a reservoir of identity.

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«Saudi government recently granted citizenship to a female robot. That robot has been able to do things in public that Saudi women, actual human ones, are forbidden from doing. And that's a great example of what happens when you don't believe in real people»

@aRandomCat Indeed. I often forget my older posts until a specific cue like your toot reminds me that I once had a thought about X

@Elmkast things will continue to fall apart

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Looking for a topic to write my LL.M. (ie masters degree in law) on. Would like to research on a topic regarding ethical/regulatory challenges associated with emerging technologies. Any suggestions, all you tech guys? Thanks in advance!

@Harry_Pottash indeed. It's a deep weakness in his thinking. Actually it's wealth+happiness if you read other bits, but that's equally reductive since happiness is a fairly lousy construct. Especially the way economists seem to think of it, as something that plateaus after 65k in income based on wellbeing surveys or something

@zacharius you’re creating a version that’s easier for non-tech managers and HR people to parse. Tech interviewers will still look at your github for ground truth.