@akkartik weird decentralized language conventions. When you say ‘here’ you mean ‘merveilles’ like when you talk to someone in the phone. But I’m reading this ‘here’ on refactorcamp 🤔

Discord is somewhere in the triangle between Twitter, Slack, and Mastodon.

@jauntywunderkind420 Twitter definitely needs a strong stomach these days 😂

@akkartik like what? I know you’re talking to other programmers about Mu here right?

So what’s been going on in the fediverse lately? Anything interesting?

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Famously rejected by a host of publishers, it's now-- many, many editions later-- an iconic mystery: "The Agatha Christie Centennial- 100 years of The Mysterious Affair at Styles"
(Plus- A.J. Liebling)

Watching the detectives: roughlydaily.com/2020/10/18/i-

@temujin9 hah I’ve already been taking 5000iu fir a couple of years for an actual deficiency

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Engravings from an ambitious and beautiful attempt to catalogue, for the first time, the musical instruments of the world: "Filippo Buonanni's Harmonic Cabinet (1722)"
(Plus- Domenico Scarlatti)

Celebrate sound: roughlydaily.com/2020/10/26/di

Now that @strangeattractor is taking over the admin duties for this site, I can just drop by sometimes as ordinary citizen with no superpowers 😎

@strangeattractor 3D printing, clock construction, astrophotography, Arduino 😎

@strangeattractor @zacharius just sent email to both of you... and yes, let’s get Ellen admin access while we figure out the whole transfer.

@strangeattractor @zacharius yes, I’m happy to cede control of the domain as well. Ellen — let me know on email where you’d like me to transfer the domain (no need to buy off me, just need to know it’s in good hands). Domain is currently on Namecheap. And in the interim, happy to have you join as admin as well. I’ll move this convo to email.

@strangeattractor @zacharius basically paying $20/mo to @zacharius if he wants to continue administering, and $20 plus admin labor too if he wants out... I don’t know how much of a chore it is for him

Hey folks, it looks like too few people are using this mastodon instance for it to be worth sustaining. And now it looks like the moderation headaches are increasing as well, with the spambot wave. I have been paying for it so far, and @zacharius has been maintaining it. I think the server is paid for through June (so another 2 months). Unless someone wants to take over, I think we’ll give people a chance to download data/migrate accounts and shut it down at that time.

@zacharius we seem to have a big spambot attack. Can we do something. Most signed up last week.

Turned off open registrations for the time being. Too many spam signups looks like.

Looks like there was a wave of spambot signups. Suspended all the reported ones, thanks for reporting @ykgoon and @machado cc @zacharius

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After six months of writing privately, I'm going to restart my blog. The current idea is to go for volume, but I'm also going to curate anything worthwhile into a newsletter.

Current interest is origins of the conscious self and origins of complexity, but there will be lots of other film/philosophy/literature stuff. Newsletter link if you're interested 🙂 bryankam.substack.com/p/coming

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