@Elmkast mine’s fairly lousy but so were the previous 8 quarters

@nindokag I went PC —> Mac in 2014. Haven’t used Linux since grad school circa 2002.

Virus crap is a huge downside for windows. Linux is masochism if you’re not a developer. Chrome book might be best deal soon.

@britt it's actually a dodge tactic for writers

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Hot take: pretentiousness has an up-or-out trajectory. In young adulthood you either learn to stop taking yourself so seriously or become committed to being an unbearable ass.

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There is no such thing as identity, only correlation management.

Why does the fediverse call twitter birdsite? I don't get it. Is it supposed to have pejorative connotations?

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Bobs: What would you say it is you do around here?

Me: I curate and repost cute animal memes from various Slacks into our company Slack’s pets channel.

Bobs: This guy’s a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.

The more you want to go against the flow, the more baggage you have to carry

@johnhenry academia is more about density than conciseness. The point of specialized vocabularies and idioms is to say a lot with a few words, but then use a lot of words so that you have very weighty works for a given volume. A thousand academic words equals maybe 10,000 regular words. But you need the right mindset to read it.

Meaning-making seems to be a process that exists in tension with freedom-making.

John Boyd's “the fundamental goal of humans is to improve their capacity for independent action.” captures the tension. You have repeated reorientations to get increases in capacity. Each orientation is a "meaning" but is just a waypoint in the freedom process.

At a micro-level this is the "flow" state. Marginal creative destruction.

@Zim struggling to find time to get it out

Also, please keep your slug lines for links you share with relatively short (~10 words maybe). Otherwise I just have to trim it or rewrite it myself.

It's actually quite a nice summarization challenge. Shoot for the saved-you-a-click type of slug line. Limit your valuative remarks to 1-2 adjectives. Avoid big block quotes.

Prompt: it'd be nice to have more fodder for the short-takes section of roundups.

If a toot seems particularly good in hindsight, try using the delete-and-redraft to add the hashtag

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