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At the moment I feel like there are three types of task that are worth doing

1. Convergent, goal-oriented things that you do purely for the result. Paying bills, filling a prescription, fixing bugs.

2. Divergent, "scouting," things you do with the idea of "let's see what happens." Going to a meetup, typing "How do I _______" into google.

3. A mix of the two: costlier forays into the unknown, with actual skin in the game. Prototypes, MVP's, first drafts, fake-it-till-you-make-it

Does this 2x2 (based on my old death-and-taxes 2x2) of the 4 main political ideologies make sense to people without further commentary? (take a few minutes to process)

That was just one earwax plug, but it was surprisingly easy to get more. They just had to call curators at the right natural-history museums. “Museums are notorious for collecting everything, and waiting for the science to catch up,” Trumble says

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Sorry for yesterday's outage everyone. Previously when I was making a change to the cron file I had mistakenly changed the cronjob that renews the ssl certificate so that it didn't run often enough. An expired ssl certificate is what caused the outage.

I enjoy the idea of running something that people rely on to communicate and I am equally ashamed when I disrupt that communication because of a small, silly mistake.

Site has been down for a few hours, sorry

The brain has 2 clocks, one for rhythms, one for experiences. Chronos and Kairos clocks?

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The new Opportunity Zone tax laws allow for a lot of tax-minimization for the rich investor.

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The real reason we have pets is to get our minimal daily dose of “boy am I glad you exist! please exist more!”

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Realization: "Liberal in what you accept, conservative in what you send" is the basis for well-mannered, self-organizing Overwatch play.

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Every generation thinks that their challenges are greater and present more of a mortal and existential crisis than anything that came before.

I used to think that we were all just self important narcissists but maybe the conservatives asking us not to play god have a point.

Human agency has increased exponentially while maturity has increased linearly at best.

We have never been more vulnerable to our own unintended side effects.

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Wow Rick and Morty is amazing! How am I just getting on this train?

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Hot take: pretentiousness has an up-or-out trajectory. In young adulthood you either learn to stop taking yourself so seriously or become committed to being an unbearable ass.

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