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“Long-time Stratechery readers know I have always been wary of horizontal service companies getting into hardware for exactly this reason: the temptation to constrain the upside of high-fixed-cost services in an attempt to differentiate hardware is hard to resist. To that end, though, Apple raises an interesting question: is the concern as significant in the opposite direction?...”

My psychological theory of pricing is: how you price a product or service is a function of how you value the act of providing it in your own life. It is hard to "meaning" price a product that to you is just a way to make money. The impedance mismatch will show.

I am great at bikeshedding. I'm trying to finally get my act together to properly launch ribbonfarm school on teachable (what's there right now is just 1 course).

In the process of trying to get going, I got sidetracked and came up with a whole theory of pricing.

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Test Driven Development is to software engineering what double entry is to accounting. They seem unnecessarily tedious at first, but eventually you'll realize it's the only way to not have bugs everywhere

2019 is going to be a rerun of 2018. Atemporality for the unwin.

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I love China's naming scheme for their space program.

The lander (first probe to ever land on the far side of the moon) is named 嫦娥 Chang'e, after the moon goddess.

The orbiting comms relay, which is needed to bounce signals between Earth and the far side of the moon, is named 鹊桥 queqiao, "magpie bridge", after the magpies that form a bridge across the milky way once a year in order for the Weaver and Cowherd to visit each other (as in the Tanabata festival)

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Very hard-to-fix psyche. Such people hold on to their unhappiness like superglue. They may be so burned no amount of love and validation can heal them.

When you successfully exit a class you think of as losers but only acquire modest success on the side you think of as winners you end up seething in resentment at both the people you left behind AND the people you failed to join. Both sides think more of themselves than you do. You are mad all the time because unconsciously you think you are the shit in the shit sandwich.

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Hi everyone! I live in Maine, USA. I have worked on software for a long time and currently run a cyber security consulting firm called Kindly Ops. I have a soft spot for federated / distributed systems and open source. I am interested in group cognition and mental health, and anxiously await when AI turns criminal.

Periodic reminder/PSA: Would new people on this instance please take a moment to introduce themselves with an (use the hashtag)

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Anyone have experience setting up Nextcloud as a personal file/CalDAV/CardDAV server? Is a Raspberry Pi a good choice? Any good guides? Common gotchas?

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Looks like Mastodon has every political ideology but Georgism

Anyone know of Georgists to follow?

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To everyone making it into the new year in indescribable pain and sorrow, I give you the song of my people, the shoggoths: BLRGLAAAAHRGHSFLARTHUUNGRLNUUUNGGRLLLBRAAARRRGLHSHLAAAARPL!

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"This paper will suggest two new terms to use, 'orthogame and 'paragame', in conjunction with a more clearly defined notion of 'metagame'."

"... if we don't define the term, its really easy for us to get way off track in the discussion. But even further, we keep using that word [game]"

"You Keep Using That [Template], I Do Not Think It [Memes] What You Think It [Memes]" :sickmeme:

Bandersnatch is worth a run through if you have Netflix

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What's your personal knowledge management system?

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