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What are some other Mastodon servers that you largely follow/ belong to?

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@riga @vgr I think childhood experiences split people into 2 camps. Those who had early social success flow into the “humanity as an infinite game” stream and support it with all their heart.

Those who had more non-socially based success like academic success often get sucked into large finite games that seem infinite. The “System” so to speak.

The latter camp’s crisis event is at the edge of a system while the former’s is realizing “the” infinite game (Truth) doesn’t need help from humans.

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@aRandomCat @vgr My sample of millenials with kids tends to fit into three groups:

- Stereotypical poor people drama: absent or jailed fathers, alcoholic mothers, etc.
- Rural mediocre: working parents, still together, lots of extended family participation, lots of very discreet cheating
- Urban middle class: can't afford the "urban" + child care, so back to the small town. No social life, no career, separated before the kid is 10yo.

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The power of your impact is not about the cognitive voltage you can span but the cognitive ampereage you can conduct. Because humans vary a lot more in the latter than the former.

Cognitive voltage is about the span between the highest and lowest levels of abstraction at which you can think about something. For example repairing cars and doing thermodynamics calculations.

Cognitive amperage is about the raw volume of thinking you can put out. This can vary a lot more across people.

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reasons my daughter has woken me up in the middle of the night:

"DADDY! I got a boogers!"

"DADDY! My teeth! My TEEEETH!" (her teeth were fine but she had a bad dream about them)

"DADDY! I can't see anything!" (she had gotten stuck underneath the fitted sheet of her mattress)

"DADDY! We have to go downstairs find my little pants!"

"DADDY! Where are my EYES?" (I had to reassure her they were still in her face as usual)

"DADDY! Stop playing my 小狗游戏! You can't play it, it's mine!"

“What would Yossarian do?”

“What would Seneca do?”

“What would Jesus do?”

“What would Hume do?”

Starting to question the wisdom of being a free agent exposed to the economic elements during the great weirding. The risks are slowly mounting.

Beef-only government 🤔

Government that is limited in complexity by worst case complexity that can be handled by shutdown games

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"A domain-based abstraction is more easily understood and adopted. A math-based abstraction is often misunderstood and abused." -- Carlo Pescio (

Nothing worth understanding is worth live debating. Knowledge production progresses by stretching out debates in time. Debate dilation. Even a few seconds of deliberative delay between debate moves increases the intelligence. This is why Twitter at its best is much wittier than live conversation.

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Living on the edge of a bubble: a new theory of the universe
(Plus- R.B. Braithwaite)
“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”*…

Fumble with the fundamentals:

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Related: this twitter thread was literally a car-crash I couldn't turn away from, being updated in real-time.

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I have this pet theory that toxoplasmosis, though “non-symptomatic” in many cases, actually sets the stage for the brain to begin rewiring itself for more individualism(or insanity). Similar to how infected rats become “braver” and so easier for cats to catch.

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on my way to work this morning, a guy crossing the street next to me kept repeating under his breath:

"information equals eternal life... information equals eternal life... information equals eternal life..."

uh, cool theory, bro?

You can make any regular history sound sexy these days by calling it ‘secret history’. Simply because normies don’t read anything more complex than blog posts written at Medium level now. If it is known in a more complex form, it’s effectively a secret.

“...From a dollars-and-cents perspective, absolutely, at least at the beginning: the absolute dollars available on hardware far outweigh whatever is available for a service business. Indeed, this is what so often attracts service-oriented businesses in the first place. In the long-run, though, services are usually more profitable: revenue is more regular, and margins are higher; hardware is only better if there is sustainable differentiation.”

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