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One belief, widely held by Americans and Canadians, that I don't believe in.

"I was here first. Therefore, I get extra rights and decision making powers"

Who on this mastodon is coming to the meatspace refactor camp in LA?

@zacharius @RBU_RSS_BOT

Though I suspect that additional 19% automation will actually take more time than the first 80%... ie only worth doing if there's a generalized money-making product idea there.

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I'm giving up on the refactorings roundups compilation posts... bridging the gap between the automated dragnet and doing a good job editorializing the roundup as well as cleaning up the small typesetting and formatting issues is just onerous enough it's too much of a chore.

The automation @zacharius made up is pretty good, but it needs to from like 80% to 99% to be sustainable for blog compilation purposes.

Good to have the bot @RBU_RSS_BOT running as a live firehose though

You could actually model this as a simulation. Each thread has bandwidths for active and waiting states, and a pre-emption order. New activities can enter anyway. When too many threads go active at once, you discover whether your assumed pre-emption order is actually correct based on which threads actually fall off the wagon.

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Thread multiplication.

1. You start an activity that occupies say 30% of your attention

2. At some point that activity enters a wait state that is at 3%. It may or may not have priority/stress due to $ making coupling

3. Depending on the priority level, there is more or less risk in reallocating bandwidth to a new thread, but at some point waiting gets frustrated and you boot up a new thread

4. Repeated till you're about 3x overcommitted

To the extent undistracted deep work is a well-posed concept at all, the biggest disruptor of it is not social media but the need to make money. Every waldenponding evangelist I know is rich enough or securely-incomed enough to not be distracted by money-making.

Resharing my old snowflakes and clods post because it strikes me that the fediverse is snowflakey while twitter is cloddy

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in a similar vein, American infrastructure projects are essentially welfare and often actually need about half as many workers on site. oh well! we institutionalized dynfunction and not much we can do haha

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it takes 22 guys in NYC to do what 6 can do in France lmao.

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Mastodon is getting polls looks like @zfaddis did you know this?

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Question to those whose parents read to them: what voices can you read in?

I just realized that I mostly read in my own voice but can’t with my mother/father.

Was recently rereading something that was lectured and got a different sense of meaning extraction when reading via the lecturers voice. (Alan Watts to be specific)

I wonder if having a father/mother daemon voice is an advantage of sorts.

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