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7. Chartered private jet: pick an evil-twin beef/subvert them. Imitation is not the highest form of flattery. Subversion is.

8. Your own private jet: include-and-transcend in a bigger idea, forcing authority to turn into student if they don’t want to retire

5. Business class: cite for a specific idea that you actually need to build on, but in a sufficient way, not necessary. There are other competing sources to cite that would serve as well, so choosing one is some mix of buy-in to a subcultural game, voting, buying influence, and respect,
6. First class: cite for a specific and necessary idea that’s available nowhere else, or is so clearly best of breed it would be small-minded/ungracious to cite the competition. Taleb operates here.

The intellectual influence freemium hierarchy citation airline
1. Basic economy tier: tag on twitter
2. Economy: cite in general terms, mostly to CYA and insure against them sending their troll mobs after you or beefing with you
3. Premium economy: faithfully imitate their patterns, acknowledging influence
4. Mileage program early boarding: summarize their work for others, evangelize

Having a drink in memory of my father-in-law-law, who passed away today. He will be missed. 🥃

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Update + Request 

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Young sciences are so much more fun. Trying to identify a mushroom, I come across this:

"At the time of this writing (April, 2015) the genus "Polyporus" is headed for major changes; DNA studies (for example Sotome et al., 2008) have made it clear that the genus we thought we had a handle on is actually fairly incoherent, requiring a number of taxonomic changes."

So I recently turned on protected tweets on Twitter

Interesting experience. Slight mastodon feel as a result. Though too many followers to feel truly relaxing.

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Hey millennials: did you destroy an industry last week? Did you *try* to destroy an industry last week?

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I still find it's weird that customs officers are like:

man: *sigh* anything to declare sir

me: yes, two liters of alcohol, and-

man: you can only bring one liter. remember that next time. *gives back passport* next!

not very thorough...

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We need new vocabulary, intuitions, parables, idioms, and jokes to handle recursive complexity. The alternative is a human face, frowning at a css file, forever.

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sometimes my wife will notice that I'm quietly staring off into space and she'll ask "What are you thinking about?"

Invariably, at the moment she asks my train of thought will be on something incredibly stupid, but I'll answer honestly: "I was thinking about Insane Clown Posse. You ever wonder how their fans got the name Juggalos?"

or, you know, whatever nonsense i was thinking about at that moment

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Folks, no matter how hard you try, you cannot smack-talk an idea to death.

The only thing that can kill a bad idea is a better one.

Go build those.

The world is just janky as hell, that is all

I need a tooting project like the ones I have on twitter 🤔

Hmm this mastodon is about a year old at this point

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To truly learn, one must seek contexts allowing for tight enough iteration cycles that the momentum from one attempt can carry into the next.

Hello, if you joined via the just-concluded meatspace Refactor Camp 2019 in LA, please post an

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Made a list of things what I would or want to do in my free time. The list grew to 17 items.

On the bright side, I probably won't suffer retirement depression.

Realistically, this is grossly unsustainable. Simply looping through each item a day means each "hobby" gets done only twice a month.

Most of the time, time is on autopilot and kinda ticks along by itself. But sometimes, the autopilot craps out and you have to take over manual control to drive it along.

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