What's your personal knowledge management system?

@ykgoon I would love to know your org-mode workflow and setup.

@ye I have one file for each:

- TODO (arranged GTD style)
- Miscellaneous records
- Exocortex; capturing active thoughts; weekly reviews
- Book of life: captured insights, book summaries, lessons, etc.

@ye Highlights all over the place, and an index to the Internet in my head

@ye evernote but thinking about switching to notion-hq. is prettier and seems to have features that allow for deeper and more interconnected note structures.

@ye I'm using Tiago's PARA extension of GTD.

I haven't started doing his full progressive summarization technique tho.

@coyotespike Hi! What note-taking tool are you using? I am not comfortable with Evernote. And, do you think this BASB is significantly better than other approaches?

@ye I'm using Org Mode in Emacs, actually! With a Chrome extension to capture quotes from articles.

I do think BASB is the best I have found. The PARA system, with GTD reviews, and progressive summarization, is really powerful.

@coyotespike Hmmm. Thanks. I have been looking for a robust PKM for some time now, the only barrier to adopt BASB is the $500 course fee.

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