How does your post retirement life look like? Please do not include riding a horse by the beach.

I think expert meditators don't get earworms.

They drugs makes you more of what you already are.

And so does money. How true is that in your experience?

You know that giddiness and excitement you feel when buying and adopting a new toy/gadget/software?

Why can't adopting a new mental models bring the same excitement? Or can it?

People are most comfortable to be around their own class, even if they aspire to rise above it.

Even the upper class would rather not have to live with the lower class had they not need someone to do the dirty jobs.

Thesis: once a country's middle class reaches a minimum ratio, it's time to break and form a new nation.

@nindokag I finally watched Ne Zha, it was surprisingly good. The humor works, the magic is canon yet executed in fresh manner.

I'm glad they choose to tackle the theme of fate and not some lame ass moral lessons.

In writing this, I realized there's truly isn't any heuristic or wisdom I can count on when it comes to playing.

That or I didn't get the memo.

@vgr this is my attempt at

"We're not trying to maximize energy. We're trying to maximize meaning.

Think of your plays as serving your energy, rather than energy being the currency to conserve for plays."

Digital archaeology is poised to be big.

I went through a ten-year old HDD, extracted archives of irreplaceable body of work.

This HDD is dying a slow death, can hardly extract everything without powering down/up every 5 minutes.

"What's you favorite color?" is a false question in a bad way.

It assumes the necessity to pick a favorite RGB combo among the light spectrum when there's no need for preference.

Now replace "color" in the question with anything in nature. Same principle applies.

I used to watch mainstream entertainment for entertainment. Now I watch them to tell what they think the audience think, and what they do in the face of that.

Star Wars is now an institutionalized religion. The Last Jedi was an attempt to good blasphemy that didn't pay off.

This one tries to undo that by giving you the same sermon you asked for and only that.

Name needed for heuristic: build-on-top is always less risky than rebuilding. Redo from scratch is a nuclear option.

Lindy Effect and Darwinian survival keep the legacy system in place.

If it there's none already, what makes a good name to encapsulate all the above?

They say it's hard to be friends with peers you've outgrown. I guess that's how friends are lost.

If the world allows another solo Batman villain movie, Edward Nygma has even more potential than Joker.

Is it not disingenuous to curse liberally with some friends but not others?

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