Coding is about flow; system design is about ___?

The cringe-index here is through the roof. There's a strange feeling of two wrongs making a right.

Despite your best effort, lacklustre sleep is like bad weather, it's just part of life.

Rather than struggling against a sleepy day for productivity, better off having a playbook to take advantage of it.

Any idea?

How well can you 🗣️ emoji and still express 💡 that others can understand?

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Test Driven Development is to software engineering what double entry is to accounting. They seem unnecessarily tedious at first, but eventually you'll realize it's the only way to not have bugs everywhere

One thing I did right was a top down style writing, from multiple brief abstracts to fleshing it out beat by beat, as opposed to finishing a whole episode one at a time.

This let's me discover the "show" along the way and transport concepts between episodes.

I've been following through with my web comic. I didn't announce this in any other place than here.

It's about a deceased person whose mind is now being used as a module in a variety of games.

By now I have enough more than enough episode synopsis for the first season (which I intend to keep short).

Consider mapping them like a geopolitical theater. Each of them are players with desires you can't get rid of. Letting them run wild will harm the world (you). Some will come to dominate, some may be assimilated.

With political equilibrium, they may coexist in harmony, everyone gets to play to their strength.

All of these starts with mapping each player within you.

This is not the same as different emotions competing for one button in Inside Out. More like multiple virtual machines fighting for control over the human host.

Each internal personality is different in developmental stages, unique configurations of emotional make up, value systems, etc. The only thing they share is your body, not much else.

Split (Shyamalan), Legion (best X-Men product yet) and the Yearning Octopus (Tim Urban, Wait But Why) may be on to something more real than not.

These takes on multiple personalities suggest distinct individuals competing for control in one person. There is no one true master. And they are often at odds with one another.

What's the strongest argument you've heard against "illusion of free will"?

In other words what's the most convincing discourse so far for "free will exist"?

Record breaking sales quarter; lowest company morale ever. What's your theory?

Planning and drafting a web comic series, potentially titled "Non Player Characters".

Any advice?

Extract from James Carse:

`Although infinite players choose mortality, they may not
know when death comes, but we can always say of them
that "they die at the right time" (Nietzsche).`

What does this mean to you? I can't say I get it.

Theory: an emerging cultural-value going mainstream will be certain to go too far given enough time.

Example: Japanese properness going turn into stick-in-the-mud; political correctness into SJW; democracy into total chaos; science into dualism.

Therefore it's useful to project ahead and make an opportunity of the impending counter-culture.

What do you call this mental barrier of trying to transcend productivity-orientation to <whatever-is-next> but holding on to the guilt of not being productive?

A very close old (normie) friend called and bitched about how another mutual old friend wronged him, over a totally frivolous matter.

I was tempted to bring up Stoicism (without the buzzwords), ended up refraining and saved myself the frustration knowing abstractions would just be lost on him.

When the mental code is jumbled up badly enough, people get stuck in the wrong prioritization loop. There's no getting around it without heavy refactoring.

Coders think coding are essential life skills.

Writers think writing is essential thinking skills.

Musicians think playing music is essential to I dunno what.

I hardly hear one character-class describe other character-classes as having the important life skill.

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