I happen to be slightly proud of this story I did.

With more time and space I coulda fleshed it out with even more details.


Not too far back I was asking about Chat Roulette for salons.

I guess Clubhouse is maybe that. I'm not on it and no iOS for me.

XPS13 or ThinkPad X1 Carbon?

Majorly for coding, hardly mobile.

I seem to have lost an ability: to imagine a better world.

The cause probably has to do with having developed acceptance, largely influenced by daoism and stoicism. This has nothing to do with pandemic.

The consequence is that I find harder be imaginative about creating new products.

Writing fiction is the closest thing to acting in terms of inhibiting another character in your psyche.

Everytime I finish one, there's a profound sense of detachment afterwards.

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Can't say it's my best fiction of the month but I felt my drafting process has been solidifying.


In a post-truth world, everybody is weird.

Which means nobody is weird, so nobody is truly ahead of any curve.

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I've been ahead of the curve ever since as a kid.

If I'm a kid today, I wonder if being ahead of the curve is even possible.

I picked a writing prompt I could feel for and ran with it. Minimal plotting and got it done in record time.


Origami is for when I want a quick win.

Short stories is for when I can't win.


This whole Mastodon business is still escaping the attention despite Parler being cancelled.

I suspect I'm not alone on this but when I encounter a new idea and get excited, I feel like shitting.

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