Google Stadia sounds like an attempt at redoing centralized WWW with 60fps @ 4k resolution; practising gamification on 3D Google Docs without backlash.

Stopping yourself from analysis paralysis and take action seems to take a leap of faith.

That or the map is still very poor.

Which companies/orgs can you think of are good places to pursue advances in software-engineering?

ThoughtWorks came to mind for me.

Academics don't count. Also emphasis on software engineering/gardening, not computer science.

Rediscovering Ang Lee's best work to date: Life of Pi.

Reading the allegories makes it a different movie altogether.


- Industrial-age was about maximizing profit
- Web-age was about maximizing reach

First, agree/disagree?

Then, what will the decentralized-age (preferred term over crypto or blockchain) be about?

It is said that the brain consumes a lot of energy.

Are there brains that consume so much energy that the body lose weight without physical work?

When a pair of glasses cost more than a cheap smartphone, something is wrong with the system.

A tweet seen, felt skeptical. Agree or disagree?

Old Status Symbols:
- Luxury goods
- Position of authority
- Busy-ness
- Endorsed by establishment

New Status Symbols:
- Fitness
- Position of influence
- Flexible schedule
- Creative Output
- Self-actualization
- Independent

Supposed we have conclusive evidence that our universe is a simulation, how would it affect how you run your life?

Email is a great case of Lindy, worse-is-better, totally unkillable.

The federated protocol is the layer that will stick around.

The software implementation however will rot and reborn over time.

Writings, chess, TCP/IP are Lindy.

Pacman, Grand Theft Auto, Google Chrome are likely not Lindy.

Lindy items have only one stack.

Layers of abstractions pretty much guarantee code rot and long term non-survival.

Software are doomed to be reworked over and over again.

Change my mind.

Gold/BTC people seems to have a crusade against fiat.

If gold/BTC is money (what you HODL), fiat is currency (what you give away) and there's clear line between the two, then the whole crusade looks kayfabe.

I think the idea of crypto wallets for kids have legs.

First they are not so literate.

Secondly their concept of value, exchange and property is practically zero.

Given wallet to trade, anything can happen.

Kayfabe is the most useful heuristic for political reading in recent times.

All statement is fake by default. Spectator outrage is the aim, followed by course correction.

Skills are required to look for occasional realness. Most missed it by reacting as expected by players.

Turn out it's rather easy to gain haters in Reddit.

What do you think are the hidden revenues of Lambda School? Staffing is an obvious one, for instance.

From thinking to bikeshedding with Daniel Dennett's Intuition Pumps.

Is there one tool from there that's special to you?

Coding is about flow; system design is about ___?

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