While I've heard Eric Weinstein's take, what makes a worthy arch nemesis?

The Market is a god that fits this mold, something everybody pays tribute to with effort, fear, disdain and some intention to defeat.

I haven't seen American Gods season 2, in case it's relevant here.

@vgr how is your playflow framework coming along?

Made a list of things what I would or want to do in my free time. The list grew to 17 items.

On the bright side, I probably won't suffer retirement depression.

Realistically, this is grossly unsustainable. Simply looping through each item a day means each "hobby" gets done only twice a month.

I think I've found my killer app for VR: psychedelics.

There's no requirement for realism, storytelling or interaction.

Pure immersion of audio and video will do the trick.

What does it mean to worship a god you do not totally respect, in fact have some disdain for? Which religion display this quality?

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@nindokag do you know anyone who wilfully pick up mystic to believe in rather than having the belief itself being compelling?

What value is there in believing in mysticism, even when you're the logical kind?

Seeking career advice: continue to code (and get better at it) or take on architecture role (more people time)?

How would you strategize?

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To the extent undistracted deep work is a well-posed concept at all, the biggest disruptor of it is not social media but the need to make money. Every waldenponding evangelist I know is rich enough or securely-incomed enough to not be distracted by money-making.

The pieces are there but they are no better than disconnected Lego bricks.

The idea is for these mirror you to live your life in advance in multiple directions, make all the mistakes first then report back before you proceed.

This way the real you get to take better informed risks.

Perhaps the utility of mind-uploading isn't life after death. It's the ability for it to pre-live your life in cyberspace and advise the best course of options for meat space.

What does Buddhism has to say about what to do AFTER successfully curbing all (or most) of your desires?


I have a pathological habit of scratching unnecessarily (especially the head), even as a kid.

I cannot for the life of me figure what the root cause is, but we can be sure it's a mind thing not medical problem.

I really wanna get rid of this. Any idea?

What should one make of Stack Overflow survey in general?

Use it as skill-investment gauge? If so, go with the crowd or be a contrarian?

Wife finally felt like starting, so we began last weekend from pilot onwards.

I gain new appreciation for the tragedy of Theon Greyjoy. Fella was urged to grab what he wants, yet all he ever managed was doing what people tell him he wants.

Some skills gets easier with age, like DGAF.

Humility seems to be the opposite.

The most valuable thing that's lost in a remote work setting is a good old fashion ass smacking mentorship.

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