In a post-truth world, everybody is weird.

Which means nobody is weird, so nobody is truly ahead of any curve.

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I've been ahead of the curve ever since as a kid.

If I'm a kid today, I wonder if being ahead of the curve is even possible.

I picked a writing prompt I could feel for and ran with it. Minimal plotting and got it done in record time.

Origami is for when I want a quick win.

Short stories is for when I can't win.

This whole Mastodon business is still escaping the attention despite Parler being cancelled.

I suspect I'm not alone on this but when I encounter a new idea and get excited, I feel like shitting.

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I have been laughing over this meme on and off for several days now... oh man its just too perfect.

#Funny #humor #humour #joke #jokes #meme

If there's a system that needs proof of life from you in order to dispense you money, how should it be done?

X : borrow Y from tomorrow

Alcohol : happiness
Coffee : energy

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I've been kinda on a roll writing short stories lately.

I wonder how much does creating a Competent Man leak into my own psyche.

I'm interested to randomly join live video calls of salons.

Most of those I see are in the wrong time zones.

Do you know of a Chat Roulette for salons?

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