Historically, none of my gadgets were absolutely necessities before I adopted them (other than the PC). Not even smartphone, especially not tablet.

They only became so through experimental adoption, and the brain found optimal use cases for it over time and make it indispensable.

Typical political kayfabe is about saying things is a very specific way to elicit desired reactions.

Chinese political kayfabe is about leaving specific things unspoken, maintaining harmony on the surface, sending encrypted messages only to those capable of decrypting it.

Cao Cao famously sent a meal box to an old officer.

It's empty.

Given the context, this old friend got the message and committed suicide before there's a need for execution.

Social media as distraction against tooth extraction.

It doesn't work.

Music consumption is about one of two things: emotion storage or composition appreciation.

A musician tends to pay attention to how a piece is made or performed.

Everybody else imprint memories and emotions via musical repetitions.

New songs from established musicians are treated like distractions. Audience don't look to them for new memories but to relive old ones.

It's entirely possible for mild problem you encounter that doesn't bother you to rattle other people (even when it doesn't trouble them) so severely to the point that they take it as a personal failure of theirs.

Perhaps all we ask for in artificial general intelligence is simply non deterministic behavior. In which case there plenty of them around.

Nobody said AGI is obligated to be useful.

Pain is a major signal for aliveness, not pleasure.

Over time I've collected an unpublished library of my own coding screencasts (no voice-over yet).

I'm still not sure what kinda creative treatment I give it. Any idea?

Being able to catch that voice and harness it is a different story.

A sure fire way to kill it is to sooth the pain with media.

There is something about running your mind in debug mode (watching your mind watch your mind in pain) that's functionally debilitating but creative voice goes up to 11.

While I've heard Eric Weinstein's take, what makes a worthy arch nemesis?

The Market is a god that fits this mold, something everybody pays tribute to with effort, fear, disdain and some intention to defeat.

I haven't seen American Gods season 2, in case it's relevant here.

@vgr how is your playflow framework coming along?

Made a list of things what I would or want to do in my free time. The list grew to 17 items.

On the bright side, I probably won't suffer retirement depression.

Realistically, this is grossly unsustainable. Simply looping through each item a day means each "hobby" gets done only twice a month.

I think I've found my killer app for VR: psychedelics.

There's no requirement for realism, storytelling or interaction.

Pure immersion of audio and video will do the trick.

What does it mean to worship a god you do not totally respect, in fact have some disdain for? Which religion display this quality?

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