Someone here introduced me to enneagram. Some shallow study revealed it's religious root, I got skeptical.

Further rabbit hole led me to this lecture series. This is true adult education, I've never taken this much note in a lecture.

Is there a good place to find curators of podcasts episodes?

Now that insanity is defined and accepted as a state of norm, it's still not easy to figure out the right mental model for dealing momentary craziness.

I'm considering what are the implications if one were to adopt and immerse into the insanity, such that both persons share the same logical system.

What is insanity but a state of losing touch with objective reason, replaced by an entirely subjective reasoning system available exclusively to yourself.

What does it mean to fully accept and embrace insanity in another person?

True insanity isn't the embarrassing cliche of "doing the same thing over and over again expecting different result."

Lockdown easing up where I am. Such conflicted feelings.

I want the freedom to move, but the necessity of exercising it.

Has anybody used LibraryThing?

How well does it compare to Goodreads?

Bringing in a new child now may be the most contrarian trade.

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Prediction: incest is gonna become a mainstream topic relatively soon (like, sometime next year)

Ironic downside of lockdown: running out of newspaper to wrap cat dumpings with.

This is the primitive mind acting, with no consideration for the long game.

The human psyche craves novelty.

In lockdowns, the avenues are confined to screens and pets/children.

Given long enough time, even those are inadequate.

So you spark conflict with the next human in the room, hoping to extract some novelty out of real life drama.

I dunno if I can pin it on the lockdown but it's starting to bring out the unsavouring part of my teenager personality.

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