Is you are objective wiser than your contemporaries, peers, communities, do you have an *obligation* to elevate them?

If so, why?

I suspect someone like Kant would've said something on this.

Wife read books not because she likes them but merely to hit an arbitrary goal set by Goodreads.

At least she's not being nudged into more cat-vids or fashionable outrages, I thought.

But it's glaring how people are being zombiefied by modern gamification.

I need a term for this behavior: unsolicited offering of naive solution with unqualified confidence.

Every profession somehow has a look.

What does a canonical landlord look like?

Traditional sports were proxies for war between nations, sparing everybody from excessive bloodshed.

So why can't Starcraft (pick your game) be made proxy ideological wars?

So Africa has a locust problem.

Has no culinary expert came in and try turn them into food?

I'm picturing deep fried crunchy locust wedges.

Sumo has this elaborate pre-game ritual that's supposed to mean something.

What other pre-game rituals impress you?

I'm looking for ceremonial ideas that make a core 'game' richer.

Do you rather deal with an enemy with no principle/philosophy, or one who has the wrong one?

If there's anything you wanna leave behind, leave things that could only come from you and no one else.

I'm watching a close friend crashing and burning in slow motion out of the disability or unwillingness to stand on someone else's shoes.

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."

True or false?

Weird experiment: taping my mouth during sleep.

I think it worked well.

The downside of outliving everyone else is you have to die alone. Get used to that idea.

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