Name needed for heuristic: build-on-top is always less risky than rebuilding. Redo from scratch is a nuclear option.

Lindy Effect and Darwinian survival keep the legacy system in place.

If it there's none already, what makes a good name to encapsulate all the above?

@ykgoon Well, it's an outcome of thermodynamics. Since efficiency is always <100%, there's always waste. So, redo from scratch means rewaste.

@ykgoon my personal name for this rule is "Remember Netscape 5"

(the story is, that after Netscape 4, they talked themselves into thinking that throwing away the codebase and starting over was a good idea. The result was such a delay that there was never a Netscape 5. There was eventually a Netscape 6, which was a backport from Mozilla after it was too late and Microsoft had already eaten Netscape's lunch.)

@octesian @nindokag yes these are exactly the historical references.

These lessons haven't been learned outside of software however. The amount of start-from-scratch arguments I hear in geopolitics, finance, relationships etc are simply painful.

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