They drugs makes you more of what you already are.

And so does money. How true is that in your experience?

@ykgoon Most drugs enhance or suppress parts of you or your experience of reality.

Alcohol in specific suppresses second thoughts, resulting in the reveal of what the second thoughts normally suppress.

Money just enables the entire spectrum of choices that aren't optimized for short term to mid term survival.

@ykgoon The funny thing with alcohol is that most of the time what gets revealed are different forms of despair.

The working class despair at being meaningless in the larger scheme of things, the single at 40 despair of being alone, the married couple's despair at being stuck with each other and the kids...

@machado true. I'm more interested in how money has the same effect.

Because if so, a stingy man would be even more stingy after being rich.

@ykgoon In the specific case of attitudes toward money, getting rich might be taken as validation for the attitude.

The stingy man would attribute getting rich to his stinginess, and maybe double down on it.

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