Cities are harder to build than nation.

@machado exactly, cities are way more Lindy than nations.

@ykgoon In contrast, rural life is the bane of civilization in general, and the non-rentier middle class in particular.

@ykgoon Old cities in Eurasia are not even resilient, they are practically inevitable. Some places are just bound to produce cities, the conditions are too perfect.

The only historical change in perfect city conditions is that after the appearance of long range artillery there's a lot less need for fortified high ground.

@ykgoon @machado I've been thinking about this post a lot while walking through the city to work. The city exists tangibly, in poured concrete and water mains and subway lines and street grids. It's also the result of many people voting with their feet over many years about where to live given geography. Compared to that, what is a nation state? Barely anything at all: symbols, social constructs, words on paper. It should be obvious cities are more real. So why does it feel surpising?

@nindokag @machado nations run on narratives so they occupy most of the mind space.

Most cities don't have a narrative. Those that do are outdone by the encompassing nation.

@ykgoon @nindokag Cities, especially old cities, are real enough to not need boasting. They are the kind of real they mean when they say "keeping it real". They just exist, with no need for proof, because cities will happen even if you don't want them to.

In comparison, nations are posers, bragging narcissists, who know they'll disappear when people stop listening.

Although some cities do get lost in their own myths sometimes.

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