How does your post retirement life look like? Please do not include riding a horse by the beach.

@ykgoon It looks like it's not happening. I'll need to work too long and my health will crap out too soon.

@machado @ykgoon my life is so routine right now that I can’t comprehend retiring. It seems like I’ll be repeating the same work week forever. There’s all these life hacks for finding meaning for your life. Why is retirement planning only about financing?

@octesian @ykgoon Because being poor and old is terrifying. Things get really bleak when you outlive your money, especially if you are alone.

@machado @ykgoon I used to work in an assembly plant. I’d hear stories all the time about guys dying soon after retirement. Union jobs so they had a pension too. They just didn’t know what to do with their time.

@octesian @ykgoon I met some cases like this. The lack of structure and the isolation can really do a number on people.
In fact, every person I ever knew over 80 imposed some kind of structure to their lives, even if they didn't socialize much. The few exceptions spiraled into dementia fast.

@machado @octesian exactly what I thought. Retirement seems to be a topic even the sophisticated mid class folks don't have much original insights on. I guess it is THAT scary.

@machado @octesian

I've been watching series of interviews on this topic from Real Vision. Think of it like a financial horror series, the facts are bleak.

But for lay people, the whole retirement narrative are all about money and not much else. That's a failure of imagination.

@machado @octesian I'm guessing most imagined retirement look like a variation of lying on a beach sipping margarita. This is failure on so many levels I dunno where to begin.

@ykgoon @machado @octesian I'm not too worried on my end; I know enough ways to make a quick buck enough for simple living, and I can cut back on expenses easily enough. My wife is probably not going to take retirement very well though, she has practically zero interests outside of work and premium mediocre food.

@ykgoon @machado @octesian The Enneagram was helpful for me in discerning this, although it offers no easy solutions for those not interested in self-development.

@octesian @ykgoon @machado

Quick intro:

I used the classical test from ; the instinctual variant was a bit TMI for me and not much help.

I started with the Type descriptions from , then borrowed a couple of books from the library to triangulate definitions. There are apparently two main descriptors: the RHETI, and another unnamed one.

@octesian @ykgoon @machado I tried 3 different tests and they generally gave me similar results (one of them gave me a somewhat higher score for my subtype which resulted in it interpreting that as my main type), so I think the classifications are pretty consistent. The descriptions of the types can differ quite a lot depending on which book/website you read. So you probably want to check out about 2 or 3 sets of descriptions for a better idea.

@octesian @ykgoon @machado What the Enneagram did for me that other tests didn't was to uncover my underlying motivations. MBTI, Kolbe A generally could identify me as an introvert, intellectualising type (which anyone could see from a mile away so no points for that).

@octesian @ykgoon @machado The Enneagram was the first to tell that I'm primarily a harmoniser (type 9), and the intellectual side (type 5) was only a subtype. The occasional outbursts of emotional neediness stemmed from that subtype, when my go-with-the-flow behaviour (stemming from type 9) caused it to withdraw and wait for its moment to unwind.

@ykgoon I've been out of work for over two years now so I have a preview. It's basically wake up, ideally early but sometimes I fail, meditate, write for a few hours, read for a few hours, either go to the gym or go for a long walk with podcasts/audiobooks, cook, either read/write, see friends (who mostly work), or hang out with my wife, sleep. On weekends I usually go out. I'd be happy to do this for my remaining time, whether days/years/decades, but equally have no idea what the future holds.

@bkam sounds like you got it taken care of. This sounds like what I'll do too on a regular post-retirement day.

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