This whole Mastodon business is still escaping the attention despite Parler being cancelled.

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@ykgoon I just assumed all the extremist servers were blocked by the mainstream servers. And thus invisible to us. Are you saying they don't (or barely) exist?

@octesian @ykgoon
I've seen some lost parlerites around, and I'm trying not to reply to toots they are also replying too. Should we be blocking them?

@octesian @ykgoon
Correction: seems to be just some previously undetected extremists and related things who got more outspoken lately. The users and/or domains are getting blocked by the people we federate with, so we probably won't see much of it.

Also, there seems to be enough people who favor blocking instances who don't block certain other instances that the overall fediverse is getting very insular and bubble-like.

@machado @ykgoon I've felt it was a bubble since I joined this instance. But maybe its just because Mastodon isn't algorithmically curated. On bird site I've blocked a number of political keywords, not because I don't agree with them, because nobody has anything original or interesting to say on the topic.

@octesian @ykgoon
It's the whole web. It feels like it's all war now. Or rather since the mid 00s. You can be in the front lines of the open internet, or in the rear inside the bubbles, but there are few places in the english speaking internet that don't feel like part of the war. And even there, there's always a constant tension that at any time a stray mortar hit might blow your harmless hobby community into a mess of blood and politics.

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