@machado and this chance is available to everybody. Curtailing bad ideas may be more important than bringing on good ideas.

Given this chance to refactor civilization, would you rather make some change or let it run its course?

@machado I dunno if that's a better scenario or worse. Having engaged with these idea-terrorists, I cannot in good conscience recommend everyone to "participate in democracy". It truly can be toxic in that it makes you forget there are worthier things to do in life.

@machado well in my context they are bundled together and confused as one another 😞

For the past two days, I willingly subjected myself to racial/political hate speeches with little to no bar for senses.

I had fun agreeing with them, too much fun.

They are also hard to pull away from, like a game of spot-the-fool so I can tweet my next brilliant agreement. I have to say, half of them are pretty excellent.

But it doesn't take long before their collective lack of self-awareness wears on you. Now harmless people on the street are candidates for threats.

Movies should come with a mood-recommendation.

- Watch when restless
- Watch when bored
- Watch for stimulant

Uncut Gems was so delightful stressful that wife dropped out half way.

@machado if only most of them admit to that. I know too many who make a sport of blaming politics to cover that fact.

@kureshii maybe cable news should be rightfully called cable myths.

It gives us the illusion of knowing what is going on in the world. But it's really only a few steps better than rumor mills.

Perhaps reality bubbles were always the norm. Civilizations never had a consensus of facts until globalization in the last few decades.

I've been asking friends what they think are the biggest problems worth solving. It feels like overwhelming proposition, and no one gave the same answer.

Which leads me to the meta problem. To even agree on the biggest problem, we first need a similar mental map of truth (not Truth).

So it looks like the biggest meta-problem is for everybody to reach consensus on what are facts.

@kureshii I get you now. Yes he probably ran this experiment as he is now, a 40 year old.

@kureshii well not really. It is an assignment I gave him, so dying young or old is up to his imagination.

I gave my friend a thought experiment: how he spend his last two years alive.

He said he's gonna work extra hard to make as much money for his kid. He'll spend even his last day serving his clients for money.

I dunno where to begin.

@bkam sounds like you got it taken care of. This sounds like what I'll do too on a regular post-retirement day.

@machado @octesian I'm guessing most imagined retirement look like a variation of lying on a beach sipping margarita. This is failure on so many levels I dunno where to begin.

@tripofmice yes Goodreads needs replacing but why have it federated?

@machado @octesian

I've been watching series of interviews on this topic from Real Vision. Think of it like a financial horror series, the facts are bleak.

But for lay people, the whole retirement narrative are all about money and not much else. That's a failure of imagination.

@machado @octesian exactly what I thought. Retirement seems to be a topic even the sophisticated mid class folks don't have much original insights on. I guess it is THAT scary.

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