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Andrew Yang is an elephant in the room.

Ongoing civilization clash with China doesn't work in his favor.

What attitude should one adopt when dealing with disagreeable people?

Disagreeable not in the sense conflict junkie, but being a contrarian as a sport.

Finished writing a short film, put together friends to get it produced.

Last time that happened was about 8 years ago. I'm glad I have enough such friends to make this kinda thing happen.

Writing a film has much more constraint in characters, scope, macro ideas etc. compared to a text-only epic where anything goes.

But if all things being equal, a film has a much better chance of making a dent, simply because of the amount of people involved.

I suspect it's not an unpopular opinion.

The languages of Asimov's Foundation series is insufferable. Were it not for the big ideas, it woulda been trash.

Some people compare sales of adult vs baby diapers.

What other ways do you gauge if a city is deteriorating?

How bout this: Blade Runner is appropriately-rated by the general public.

Having willfully missed out on two major emerging cultures, live-streaming and online gaming, I wonder what would I struggle to understand when they become the primary mode of being.

What happens if a baby is fed VR as the 60% primary reality, meat space as 40% of the rest?

I was considering having a bonzai.

I thought about why, and then I realize I'm already getting the same benefit in my day job maintaining software.

Joker movie good. Hit on nerves where it's supposed to, nothing is sacred.

In an era where societal narratives move quickly, it managed to capture what's relevant right now.

Passion projects put into TODO list tends to not get done.

This has been a year of many firsts.

Ran funerals twice.

Last week was shaving my own hair.

Today was gay molestation in sauna 🤣

One of those "what water?" situations.

For decades now, I've only see things in 2D. Attempting to use both eyes results in double vision.

At some point, left and right eyes decided to work independently of each other, one taking over the other when the situation calls for it.

Non-integrated minds have psyches with completely different agendas living in the same person.

This is a great finding to complement my theory on conflict-quota.

Rage is capital. Capitalized, it follows with rage bank, rage interests and rage inflation.

No matter the upbringing, social status, wealth level or mental health, rage accumulates psychologically.

Rage is psychological bladder. If it doesn't get flushed out, it gets dumped on spouses, the street, or your news feed.

Been lurking lately, not much to contribute other than death-related thoughts.

Dad passed last week, five months after mom.

Decades of mental strength comes to a head at this period.

Somehow trying to help a friend with anxiety disorder has a way of contracting some anxiety of my own.

Corollary to quantity has its own quality all by itself: skin-deep beauty has depth all by itself.

Historically, none of my gadgets were absolutely necessities before I adopted them (other than the PC). Not even smartphone, especially not tablet.

They only became so through experimental adoption, and the brain found optimal use cases for it over time and make it indispensable.

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