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I hope @AustinTexasGov@twitter.com, led by @MayorAdler@twitter.com and , implements the @CDCgov@twitter.com guidelines today.

And if the city expects to be shutting down bars and restaurants like New York and other cities have, I urge them to do that today, too. Let's get ahead. twitter.com/CDCgov/status/1239

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Billy, get away from those children. They're not your friends anymore. They're Vectors For Disease!!

All shows are cancelled. Everything is cancelled. This Simulation Is Cancelled!

All sentient beings will be relocated to a new virtual universe after a mandatory 2 week quarantine. Unfortunately no memories or material items can be transferred over.

Good day.

Is there some sort of service in Austin to deliver food/supplies to sick, elderly, immunocompromised, etc that are self quaranting?

If not it seems like now would be a good time to organise this before things get bad.

I'd be interested in volunteering.

I'm totally gonna teach kids that we call 911 for emergencies because America's greatest emergency happened on 9/11

I don't appreciate the government stealing an hour of my day. Who can I sure for this time theft?

If covid19 is a big deal in the US around November, Trump wins the election easily.

If we're going to get people out of their cars, we need to show them a safe, continuous path to get to wherever they want to go

This is a clear coordination problem that requires the will of the city to override that of the individual neighborhoods

Bike networks are the same. You can't tell people that the route from A to B is great, except for that one area that's a death trap because the neighborhood doesn't like bikes.

If a city decides that it wants an electric network, but one neighborhood decided electricity was unsafe and wanted no part in it, that neighborhood would be rightly ignored. As doing otherwise would likely deprive many others of electricity.

Network infrastructure requires the participation of everyone. It only works if there is a continuous path from point A to B.

We need to get cities to understand that bike lanes and sidewalks are a network, similar to electricity and sewage.

After much research and investigation I can now definitively say that to essence something is essentially a process of extracting it's soul and transmogrifying said soul into an edible form. health effects of consuming essenced drinks are unknown, but tasty.

Recently had two people close to me lose loved ones. Not really sure how best to comfort them and I fear that I am not very good at showing compassion in general. I don't think I'm lacking in compassion but rather can't perform compassion believably.

Peak genius is designing systems and hacks to account for all the ways in which you're an idiot.

For Christmas/New Year I have decided to pay off the last of my student debt. I was on track to pay it off in the next several months but I decided to dip into savings a bit and vanquish then before the new year.

All of my roommate situations have been with strangers. Either through Craigslist or student apartments. The experience has been extremely positive. I'd say 1 out 9 was truly a bad experience. While others definitely had their challenges, they all enriched my life.

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