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I don't know how much of this is designed and how much is an emergent process, but I can help assigning agency to it. Evil agency at that.

Also I thought I had independently come up with normalcy field until I decided to look it up and found ribbonfarm as the top result. Damn you @vgr, you've refactored my subconscious.

When interfacing with or operating inside an organizational beauracracy, you must remeber that the system is designed such that acting according to their wishes seems the most natural and logical thing for you to do, even when it is in complete opposition to your best interest.

There is something incredibly insidious about how they are able to manufacture a normalcy field that funnels you along their determined path and has you dismissing all the red alarms going off in your head.

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I can't find the toot/post/whatever but I remember you talking about a blockchain cardgame thing. Is that in a playable state yet?

It irks me when someone calls in to a radio show and spends most of their time gushing over the show instead of asking a relevant question. The most you should say is a quick, "Hello, I'm a fan of the show" before getting on with what you have to say.

I think in general if the highest level of dialog you can have with a creator you admire is fangirling over them then you're probably not ready to meet them.

Maybe I'm being over critical and creators enjoy the support/admiration.

idea: a website that constructs rss feeds for tv shows, with links to streaming sites for shows can be viewed online.

would anyone else use this?

I need to remember to proofread my toots

Not every book is worth it but if I'm reading for comprehension instead of pleasure then I should be willing to invest the time.

I've been experimenting with writings notes, in org-mode, as I read. Every couple paragraphs or section I will stop and paraphrase what was said.

The time investment of the book is significantly increased but so is significantly increased but so is the comprehension.

Its pathetic how much of a book's message is missed because I can't stop from being mentally sidetracked every 30 seconds. Being forced to regularly summarize keeps me focused.

Plus I will now have notes to reference later.

My life is slowly being swallowed by emacs

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As I get older I think about the people I've lost a long the way.
Maybe being a tour guide wasn't the right career.

What is your profile pic?

I see a colorful lizard holding a primitive fishing pole

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Finite politicians play within the Overton window. Infinite politicians play with the Overton window

You can say whatever you want in a vacuum. But when you're communicating to an audience, they will impose limitations on your speech. What they consider to be acceptable.

If you wish to be heard you must at least somewhat conform to their expectations. You can't say something to far outside their collective overton window

When people talk about political correctness they are referring to the overton window.

Anyone complaining of PC culture is angry that the overton window is leaving them behind.

Anyone asking you to make a public display without substantive action(Share a post, Wear a pin) is asking you to help them move the overton window.

nothing better than waking up to find your toot is creating lots of good discussion.

Maybe the mere fact that two people can spontaneously come up with something around the same time makes it a discovery?

When someone comes up with a new way of thinking or viewing the world. Did they invent or create something?

Did Isaac Newton/Leibniz invent or discover calculus?

Someday enough data will be collected that a machine learning algorithm will invent(discover?) psychohistory. At that exact moment it can be said that the human race has lost its free will.

When using products/services that collect data and use it to predict future actions, we are essentially paying with agency, even if it is ostensibly free.