I want to implement a luck study. Where I get a number of people to do specific unlucky things and measure their luck before and after.

I'll have to come up with some standardized measures of luck.

There will be downtime tomorrow evening sometime after 6 PM Central to upgrade the sever. Hopefully less than an hour.

Are people on the local server still experiencing issues? Things appear to be working from my perspective. @strangeattractor made some changes that may have fixed things. @bkam @nindokag @machado

This ratio surely exists, votes lost:fraud prevented. It definitely isn't 1:infinity or vice versa. I'm not quite sure what is a reasonable ratio, but I'm confident it isn't the 1000s:1 ratio that most voter suppression /anti fraud laws seem to cause

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How many people is it worth discouraging from voting to prevent 1 case of fraud?

This is the question I think should be asked of anyone who wishes to make voting harder. It strikes me as odd that I've never heard it before.

This doesn't mean compromise doesn't need to be made, it absolutely does. I'm just trying to take the moral high ground away from the low cleanliness threshold folks.

This thread was inspired by my roommates asking me to clean the dishes.

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When low threshold people get accused of being lazy by high thresholds, it is frustrating because we never noticed a problem. We never got the environmental cues to clean because the low threshold people never let it get to that point.

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There are real tradeoffs to having a low cleanliness threshold. Time, energy, and resources must be regularly spent. The more slovenly of us conserve all 3. We chunk tasks by doing them more infrequently.

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Past a certain level necessary to keep the forces of nature and entropy at bay, there is no inherent virtue in cleanliness.

Everyone has a psychological threshold past which an area becomes dirty and will incur a physic penalty until it is cleaned. A cleanliness threshold

We don't need or want someone armed and empowered to use deadly force performing many of the tasks we currently ask of police. Police should be fewer, less utilized, better trained, and held to a much higher standard than ordinary citizens

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An arguement that's been resonating with me lately is that we ask too much of our police force. We probably do need specialized people trained to be 'warriors'. But those definitely shouldn't be the same people that give you a traffic ticket or ask you to turn down your music.

Attention all,
A journeyman of the local data guild will soon be turning off my bit faucet for several hours for routine upgrades. I will still be reachable over skynet.

Thank you.

A past hero is someone who pays a society debt we were unable to see. A present hero is someone paying a debt we are unwilling to bear.

I'm imagining an SNL type skit where UFC board members are discussing substituting their fighters for dogs during the pandemic in the name of health and safety. Then cut to scenes of UFC fighters training dogs to fight like them.

What investment vehicle can reliably get you upwards of 10% annual returns on health, happiness, and well-being year over year while still being cheap enough for entry by all citizens of this big blue ball?

Bikes of course!

Goodbye John Prine. Your songs mean a lot to me and will continue to do so for a long time. I'm sorry that I never got the chance to see you perform or shake your hand and say hello in there. My heart is heavy will loss this morning.

I've been a terrible steward of this site lately. For that I apologize

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I hope @AustinTexasGov@twitter.com, led by @MayorAdler@twitter.com and , implements the @CDCgov@twitter.com guidelines today.

And if the city expects to be shutting down bars and restaurants like New York and other cities have, I urge them to do that today, too. Let's get ahead. twitter.com/CDCgov/status/1239

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JBriggeman/status/

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