Test Driven Development is to software engineering what double entry is to accounting. They seem unnecessarily tedious at first, but eventually you'll realize it's the only way to not have bugs everywhere

as seen elsewhere:

"Quick! While the government is shutdown, let's all switch to metric."

Github requires you to spell out a repos name before deleting it, this makes mistakenly deleting repos rather unlikely.

What other methods are currently employed to give digital actions more pomp and circumstance?

Have been playing around with smart contracts lately and I had the thought that in a world where major life decisions and purchases are mediated through smart contracts and consensus networks, we'll need something more substantial than a button press.

Signing documents has a certain amount of emotional weight and ceremony to it that clicking a button does not.

People are much less likely to sign away their property than they are to mistakenly click it away.

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I have trouble relating when people describe themselves as not a 'computer person', or otherwise treat computing as some sort of black box magic.

It seems obvious to me that computers and programming knowledge can extend human cognition and agency just as much as reading and math.

I'm sure both those domains were thought of as an academic field unnecessary to the commoner for a long time. I think thats were computing is today.

Sorry for yesterday's outage everyone. Previously when I was making a change to the cron file I had mistakenly changed the cronjob that renews the ssl certificate so that it didn't run often enough. An expired ssl certificate is what caused the outage.

I enjoy the idea of running something that people rely on to communicate and I am equally ashamed when I disrupt that communication because of a small, silly mistake.

the virgin airplane:
- have to show up hours early
- crammed in seats like sardines
- energy inefficient
- flies through the air in a terrifying defiance of the will of God

the chad train:
- roll up to the station 15 minutes before departure like a boss
- can move around freely and stretch your legs any time you want
- low stress
- easy to enjoy the scenery as you travel
- moves along the ground as the LORD intended

I don't think I'm a good driver, average at best.

I attribute never being in an accident mostly to my being cognizant of my own limitations.

If I was more confident in my driving abilities I think I would have been in an accident by now

Every generation thinks that their challenges are greater and present more of a mortal and existential crisis than anything that came before.

I used to think that we were all just self important narcissists but maybe the conservatives asking us not to play god have a point.

Human agency has increased exponentially while maturity has increased linearly at best.

We have never been more vulnerable to our own unintended side effects.

AG Jeff Sessions has been fired. If you haven't signed up to protest in the event of Mueller being fired or the investigation otherwise being compromised, now would be a good time to do so.


In case you missed it, switching.social has a search page for public domain eBooks:


It uses a custom DuckDuckGo search for ebooks in Gutenberg, Adelaide University, Wikisource, Gutenberg Australia, Gutenberg Canada, Faded Page, Standard eBooks, Runeberg.org, Lonnrot.net and dbnl.org

If you know of any other sources of PD eBooks, especially non-English sources, let me know.

#eBooks #PublicDomain #Books #Literature #Libre

I went to vote today and was dismayed to find everything was electronic(almost certainly running proprietary software) and as far as I could tell no paper trail was made. I can only hope that the voting machines were not connected and are never connected to the Internet.

I'm not even sure who to complain about this to

Everyone should own a shitty car constantly on the brink of breaking down as their first vehicle. At that point you don't have the knowledge or experience to maintain it well anyway. Plus every time something breaks you get to learn about a new subsystem in your vehicle.

A car is for many people the first or second most expensive thing they own yet are largely ignorant of how it functions or how to maintain it.

Forensic blood spatter analysis seems like such a pseudoscience. It doesn't surprise me that many of these crime documentaries spend so much time on it or that each side's "experts" seem to disagree with each other so much.

No court should put much credence in it. Seems like a tool that can be used to support any conclusion.

I had the thought today that I'm not so much tolerant of other people as I am indifferent towards many aspects of their lives.

Is there an appreciable difference between tolerance and indifference?

I need a new expression of surprise. 'Oh my God!' Isn't really cutting it anymore. I don't even know who I'm talking about. Any suggestions?

extensive testing will soon commence to determine if there is a significant difference in taste or quality

I found a 25% increase in cart price at Whole Foods from HEB.

I also noticed that in many cases the amount of food I bought was less, I estimate that this could be as much as 25%, meaning that there is somewhere between a 25-50% decrease in purchasing power.

it should be noted that the carts weren't quite the same, as there were several products I got at one and didn't at the other. The carts were at least 80% consistent in terms of produce and products

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