The world would be a slightly more whimsical place if we all started to started to make our business cards weirder and treated them like collectible trading cards.

There should be a service that lets you easily look up and buy the clothes you see in movies and TV shows. The owners would get affiliate money from the websites it send customers to. How is this not currently a thing?

Finally had an excuse to ride the red line today, the first Austin rail line in modern times.

One older lady showed me how to use the hooks to store my bike inside the cabin and another paid for my ticket when I couldn't get the metro app to work and had no cash.

If you're ready to take your bike rides to the next level but not sure how? Try bringing along a speaker and singing at the top of your lungs. Bonus points for dancing at every stoplight.

Single speeds are for sadists.
Fixies are for the secretly suicidal

There is a person I see on my bike commute a couple times a week. Always in the same general area and going the opposite direction. I often wave as we pass and have said hi once.

I feel there should be a word for this specific kind of relationship

There will be a companion app where your emoji use will be analyzed for what they say about your psyche.

Both apps will have a robot default or you can pay extra for a human.

Digital tarot card reading service. But all the "cards" are just emojis. An app will display random emojis and the reader, communicating to you through the app, will explain what the emojis portends for your life.

Bugs? I prefer to call them serendipitous features.

What I really meant was my experience of racism is people with unexamined, racist beliefs.

Not people who would describe themselves as racists and go around scheming to fulfill a racist agenda.

Intellectually I know those people exist, but I have a hard time believing in them

That guy was at the platform trying to provoke a confrontation from one of the black people at the stop. Maybe he was going to film said confrontation to play a victim and prove something to someone.

I don't usually think of racism as premeditated.

At the time I chalked it up to some kind of mental illness. It was too strange to be anything but.

But after some discussion my brother came up with a more plausible theory.

When the train finally arrived he didn't get on, just walked away. No one at the platform did anything but give him bewildered looks and chuckled amongst ourselves as he left at the sheer absurdity of it all.

It was a very odd experience and I still think about it occasionally.

I was in Houston awhile ago with my brither and as were waiting at a downtown rail platform a young white guy came up and started saying 'KKK' over and over again. Not yelling but loud enough for everyone to hear. Not aggressively or towards anyone in particular.

Dancing is easy. The trick is forgetting that you don't know how.

How should you invest when you lose confidence that the global economy can continue for much longer before it will be forced to halt itself or even shrink while it suffers the effects of climate change and the measures that will have to be taken to improve the environment.

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