Zach Faddis

Recently got into an accident which left my bike's frame structurally unsound and am about to begin the process of building a new bike with a new frame/fork and canaballized parts from my old bike.

Trying to figure out a name for my new creation. Thinking of female names that start with Z. Current top candidates are Zelda and Zanthium.

Any recommendations welcome

@zacharius how are ya picking components? I’d love to build my own but there’s no way I ride enough or have the time/energy.


So there is this amazing volunteer run bike shop that gives me access to an endless supply of tools, bike parts, and mechanical help for super cheap. Most of the parts will come from my old bike but those ones too mangled too be recovered will be gotten from the shop. As well as help for anything I dont know how to do by myself, which is a lot

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