Yesterday went to the my local grocery store(HEB) and got all the way to checkout before realizing that I didn't bring my wallet. It was a very embarrassing situation but It did present me with an interesting opportunity.

I bought mostly off a list that day so I could fairly accurately recreate my cart at the fancier grocery store(whole foods) and compare prices.

Zach Faddis

I found a 25% increase in cart price at Whole Foods from HEB.

I also noticed that in many cases the amount of food I bought was less, I estimate that this could be as much as 25%, meaning that there is somewhere between a 25-50% decrease in purchasing power.

it should be noted that the carts weren't quite the same, as there were several products I got at one and didn't at the other. The carts were at least 80% consistent in terms of produce and products

extensive testing will soon commence to determine if there is a significant difference in taste or quality

This is great! I live with a woman who has the prices and quantities of pretty much everything memorized. Grocery runs require 3, sometimes 4 stores to complete the list. She's in a state of simmering outrage over WF changes and often accuses me of "loving Amazon." I deny this charge and try to change the subject before she makes me quit Prime.

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