Zach Faddis

I had the thought today that I'm not so much tolerant of other people as I am indifferent towards many aspects of their lives.

Is there an appreciable difference between tolerance and indifference?

@zacharius depends if you mean indifference as in, doesn’t even register, like a blind spot. If not, then I think there is. Tolerance to me has something to do with overriding a bias of some sort. It’s more active. Indifference is acknowledgement with no consequential response or action.

That really depends on how you define tolerance. Although to me indifference seems the best stance, at many levels.

@machado @zacharius

To me, "tolerance" is a virtue you practice when you believe somebody is doing something wrong but you choose to de-escalate conflict.

If somebody hasn't done anything wrong, there's nothing to "tolerate". Indifference is a better word for it, in that case.

For example, I don't "tolerate" LGBT people. I *like* LGBT people. I *tolerate* Trump voters.

@zacharius tolerance is wrapping a cat in a towel. Indifference is not having a cat. Tolerance is necessary when indifference can’t be achieved.

@vgr @zacharius Tolerance often bleeds over into narratives about "appreciating" people and trying-to-understand them. Indifference ensures there's a barrier between you and empathy.

@zacharius Tolerance means it threatens your self-identity but you put up with it, likely erecting emotional barriers around it. Indifference means it doesn't matter much to you.

I prefer indifference.

Tolerance is needing 4 oxys to get high and indifference is scoring an 8-ball instead.

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